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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Even as Kenyans welcome the new cashless fare payment under the national transport and safety regulations, passengers and the matatu welfare association is questioning the efficacy of the new system. 

Passengers are now asking, what happen when a matatu gets mechanical breakdown and is not able to reach the designation? Where will the matatu crew get the money to refund back the passengers to carry on with the journey?

The new regulations are among a raft of measures that transport cabinet secretary Eng Michael Kamau has put in place to ensure the Matatu sector is sanitized.

Other regulations include fitting public service vehicles with certified speed governors to limit the speed at 80 kilometers per hour and regulation the time drivers can last on the road before resting.

However, some commuters are happy with the new regulations while are others have expressed fears that matatu conductors may take advantage of the ignorance of some commuters and fleece them of their money.