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Sunday, 3 August 2014


A teacher has been conned a whopping Sh600,000 after he fell prey to a cartel who were purporting to be well-wishers out to assist him overcome his accident injuries which have since incapacitated him.

The teacher who has since been physically challenged was subjected to more humiliation by the cartel and his efforts to seek justice have hit the wall.

The educator who was involved in a grisly road accident this year that broke both his legs met one Parloma Porwel, a white woman who used to work with an NGO in Vihiga county and who after seeing his condition, offered to assist him noting that the two had known each other for some time.

The white lady pledged to wire a total of Sh1.6 million to the teacher on a humanitarian ground from her account in Wessex, California USA.

According to the teacher, the lady after pledging to assist him went ahead to request him to transfer some Sh10,000 to repair her vehicle which she alleged had broken down.
As the episode unfolds, the unknowing teacher fell victim and wired the money to her with anticipation that she was sending him Sh1.6 million she had promised.

The lady who claimed to have an Eco Bank account in Nanyuki town informed the teacher that she was wiring him the cash through Central Bank of Kenya and even went further to give him the Central Bank’s manager number (0737-425-390) but the manager is said to have blocked the transaction alleging that the lady had to pay him some cash she owed him.

The lady again approached the teacher to send her Sh11,000 so that she could settle the CBK’s manager debt to enable the transfer but the teacher did not sent the cash and intead reported the matter to the Kabras Police Station where it was recorded as OB 25/18/6/2014.The matter, however, has borne no fruits in terms of investigations though while travelling in a public means, he  shared his predicaments with a Flying Squad officer who identified himself as Evans and indeed confirmed that it was a serious matter that needed immediate attention.

The Flying Squad officer later is said to have called the lady (Parloma) on her mobile phone (0718-746-077) to inquire on the same and to his amazement, the lady who claims to be working for the United Nations asked the officer to go and meet her in Nairobi to discuss the matter.

The officer later claimed that they were working with a Mr Ndeti a CID officer attached at the Kilimani Police Station in Nairobi and that they were working together to nab Parloma and crew.
The two officers later demanded Sh31,391 from the teacher claiming it was fees for the work done and later claimed that they had managed to retrieve two cheques from Parloma amounting to Sh375,000 which were to be sent to the said teacher but which up to date he has not received.
The officers who were communicating to the teacher through mobile numbers 0754261868 and 0707185119 have since cut off communication on July 21.

Efforts to reach them have since been rendered fruitless and the two alleged officers have gone underground for unknown reasons.
The cartel which consists of a lady known as Judy and Otieno who claims to be Parloma’s husband runs the underworld syndicate and also communicated to the teacher pushing for the remittance of more funds from the teacher promising that his cash was underway to his account.
Otieno who was also part of the scheme is said to have communicated with the teacher on his mobile 0717369735 pushing for his part of the share in what came to be a highly projected syndicate.

After several demanding and threatening messages and calls to the teacher which saw him part with Sh684,731, the gang has since gone under and attempts to call their numbers have been futile.

At one point, it became evident that now Parloma was a jailbird in Lang’ata women prison after the teacher insisted that he wanted his cash, a face saving situation that the crew was using to convince the victim that he had been conned by prisoners.

At one point, having now realised that the teacher was willing to sent to them more money, the two officers differed, forcing Evans to sent to the teacher a message alleging that he was tired of Mr Ndeti for embracing too much bribes and went further to demandSh5,000 from the teacher before he could sent him part of the money Sh375,000 he claimed to be having.

As the tussle continued, it also came to be known that Evans and Ndeti, had confiscated Parloma’s  logbook and passport and Parloma was demanding her logbook so that she could sell off her vehicle to pay back the Sh375,000 she owed the teacher, but funny enough was the fact that Parloma was addressing the teacher through Evans. 

Efforts by the media to track down the culprits have proved hard as the gang cannot be traced and as the teacher who is still on crutches struggles to seek justice what one would ask is why would human beings be so cruel to another in a way that they take advantage of one’s vulnerability and use it to fleece his hard-earned cash in pretence of assisting him?

At the same time, the purported teacher is calling upon the police service commission head Johnston Kavuludi and Inspector General David Kimaiyo to assist him nab the victims as he has been unable to continue with his medication as most of his savings have been fleeced by the fraudsters.