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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Several communities in Cherangany led by the council of elders have distanced themselves from the recent formation of the Kenya Minority Forum for Democracy  party under the tutelage of council chairman Benson Kenyatta Krop.

The other elders who echoed the same opposition to the formation of the party are Bernabas Ngesemwo, Vincent Ruto, one Mr Mungo and Renson Logit.

Speaking to the press in Kitale town, the elders said KMFD is a political party formed by the Sengwer community and a few professionals and that it is a tribal entity that is aimed at furthering selfish interests in the name of the larger Cherangany community. They refuted claims that the party is for the benefit of the Cherangany community and stated that the community is a beneficiary of United Republic Party under Deputy President William Ruto.

Krop said they have elected leaders on URP platform who have amiably addressed issues facing the community to fast track development in the region. He said the elders work harmoniously together with other representatives and prominent leaders under the umbrella of the Kalenjin Council of Elders.

They said elders from Cherangany have engaged other elders who prefer the Sengwer name in various forums which had not augured well with other communities. The recent one was the June 21-23 2014 forum under the guidance of Reverend Peter Chemaswet where it was agreed that the name of the community will remain Cherangany as per historical facts and records.