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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Revellers at City Cabanas Hotel who included Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina were left with their mouths agap when star Citizen TV Swahili anchor Swaleh Mdoe apparently inebriated beyond care threw caution to the wind and in broad view of everyone  got down to a bendover dance style with a lady that many saw as bordering on the lewd.

Mdoe was among revelers who graced the well-attended concert where Jamaican singer Alaine was the guest artist. Mdoe arrived at the club in the company of friends and headed to the VIP area and ordered for his favourite drink.

Real drama began when Alaine took to the stage and as she was performing one of her popular dancehall tunes, Mdoe rushed to the dance floor, grabbed a lady, held her tight and engaged her in a dirty dance style-both from front and behind making everyone wonder whether this was the otherwise respectable TV man or a maniacal look-alike.

According to those who witnessed Mdoe misbehave with the girl, he was drunk going by the way he was caressing the girl he had just picked from the dance floor. Revellers at the VIP area were shocked to see a man they have always assumed to be a role model raving like a teen who had taken alcohol for the first time.

As this was happening, in another corner a drama of a sensitive nature was unfolding as First Daughter Ngina swigged drinks straight from the bottle and occasionally took to the dance floor to shake what her mama gave her.

It is said by some that Mdoe wanted to impress Uhuru’s daughter with his suggestive dance moves. Those who know Mdoe, he of the Tafakari ya Babu,  say lately, he becomes a careless party animal after taking a few bottles.

Those who see him on TV during the holy month of ramadhan donning an islamic robe and cap assume he is a devout muslim who adheres to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed who banned alcohol and declared pots that brew alcohol most destructive of equipment.

Kenyans discovered Mdoe is not what they take him to be when one Fauzia Ahmed went to court seeking to have his salary attached for upkeep of a child she claims he sired.
She wanted the court to order Mdoe’s employer to attach part of his salary for maintenance of the child born in 2004. She claims the news anchor earns in excess of Sh750,000 every month, but has neglected his parental responsibility.

The woman claims they cohabited with Mdoe since 2001 and got a baby girl in 2004 as a result of the union. But Mdoe denied that he is the biological father of the girl. He claims he only knew Fauzia while he worked at a media organisation in 2001 where she worked as an intern.

Mdoe had been directed to pay school fees and related expenses amounting to Sh21, 000 but failed to act. Fauzia also wanted Mdoe to be compelled to pay Sh50,000 temporarily before the main case is determined. Fauzia says the Sh95,000 she is seeking will cater for food, medical needs, clothing, house rent, and school fees.

Back to Ngina, the presidential bodyguards had a night to forget trying to keep her safe in chaotic gathering of drunks and bhang smokers who had come to enjoy reggae from the Jamaican songbird. One shudders to imagine what would have happened if al Shaabab had gotten wind Uhuru’s girl was there or if a brawl of drunks had broken out and bottles aimed at her pretty face. Yet others were heard saying that Ngina proved she is down-to-eartn while others defended the First Family saying that it is only trying to bring its children as normally as possible.