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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Former TV queen Esther Arunga fixed her husband following the tragic death of their three- year-son at their Kallangur home in Australia. Arunga’s statement is said to have pointed fingers at her man, Quincy Timberlake according to our source based at the Kenya embassy in Australia.
Being Kenyan citizens, and with word the opposition was to raise the matter on the parliament floor, the embassy had to follow the unfolding events keenly. We have information that the embassy’s legal department and the Attorney General’s office together with their foreign affairs counterparts have opened a general file on the matter to avoid any blame.

Arunga is likely to be the prosecution witness and that is why she was not arrested. It is said Arunga, once a TV star in Kenya, in her statement upon interrogation, claimed her husband had become violent and kept insisting the child was not his as he had been born outside wedlock.

It is a result of this that it was concluded their son died a painful death as per her words.
Timberlake was arrested last week and charged with murder by the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court and was remanded in custody until his next court date on December 4 2014. He could face life imprisonment or 30 years behind bars if found guilty of murder.

Arunga who is now said to making travel arrangements to Kenya is said to have recorded statements with the police which directly implicated Timberlake to the boy’s murder. It is on the strength of her statement that Timberlake was arrested and is behind bars.

But what is raising eyebrows among the sleuths is why during the time of the initial police investigations, Arunga was seen on TV wearing an oversized white cap, a black sweater and a grey dress. As she was being led to a waiting police car, she pulled down the cap to cover her face from TV cameras. If she was innocent or something fishy did not happen, why hide? Did she fear to be associated with the child’s death? These are some of the questions that are said to have emerged during the investigations.

The investigators are also said to have delved into the bank accounts and the living standards of the couple and concluded they lived from hand to mouth contrary to the impression they portray on social media pulpits.

Traced back to Kenya with the help of the Interpol were reports of Arunga and her husband’s religious leaning and more briefs about the Finger of The Living God sect which the state had blacklisted as a cult. It was on these grounds that others are floating the theory of sacrificing the child to get riches. What complicated matters was that upon the inquiry, the duo are claimed not to have informed their relatives and friends back home of the tragedy of the child’s death. Why they decided to keep the death secret raised more suspicions with even conclusions that the child was killed to help them raise funds for survival.

The arrest of Timberlake follows an initial charge of murder after police alleged that an autopsy conducted on Sinclair showed significant internal injuries which they say is inconsistent with injuries of a fall from the stairs as Timberlake told police. According to Australian police, Timberlake will continue being held at the Brisbane Remand Prison for three weeks pending bail application.

The couple’s story was that the boy fell down the stairs while playing with his two-year-old sibling at the Kallangur town house in Queensland. It has also surfaced that the two- year-old is the child Quincy believes to have fathered. He has always linked Joseph Hellon to the dead boy and at times, Wilson Malaba. Malaba was the man Esther was engaged to before Hellon ‘prophesied’ that it was Timberlake who was chosen by God as Esther’s husband. Malaba at one time said their controversial church allowed group sex at the upmarket Nairobi Runda estate. He was then kicked out.

Arunga according to sources had reportedly admitted that Timberlake used to beat the boy everyday and these severe beatings may have caused the death. It is alleged that Timberlake never liked the son whom he abused as a bastard. It has been concluded, Timberlake allegedly beat the boy before throwing him down the stairs where he bled to death. 

Sources further revealed that immediately after the death of their son, Esther cut links with Timberlake for a month. Other reports indicate that the two were not together but stayed under the same roof. After the death, we have information that Timberlake convinced Esther and they moved from their Goodfellows Road town house in Kallangur to an unknown location with neighbours completely kept in the dark. The couple was staying in a house where the weekly rentals range between Sh22,500 to Sh31,500 which at times was difficult to come by.

It had been reported that after the boy fell, he was given pain medication before he was put to bed and when the boy’s condition worsened the couple called paramedics. The paramedics were however unsuccessful upon which they involved the police. 

But what is now worrying Timberlake’s lawyers paid by the Australian government as stipulated in law in such murder cases is that Arunga has gone public and is now revealing the inside story of their marriage life. To gag Arunga who is a barrister from making further revelations, Timberlake’s lawyer Chris Ford Advocates sent a warning to Arunga saying the Timberlake family requests privacy during the trial time. Arunga studied law in Australia. Her uncle is David Arunga who was recently recalled as Kenyan envoy to Cairo Egypt. He was appointed to the plum slot by then prime       minster Raila Oding during the coalition government.