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Sunday, 7 September 2014


A seemingly big storm is slowly gathering momentum at Nairobi county offices that if not well managed, could likely result into serious management crisis and affect service delivery to the metropolis and its residents.

Surprisingly, the infightings opened to the public gallery shortly after the Supreme Court returned a verdict in favour of Governor Evans Kidero as the father of the metropolis city of Nairobi. It is whispered that those engaged in the wrangles were waiting for the court ruling to execute moves.

We have those who wished Kidero well and those who were out to sabotage him and even prayed he lost in the bruising court battle.

Last week, all was not well as a section of chief officers were plotting to clip the wings and powers of county secretary Lillian Ndegwa. A move to have them meet and discuss Ndegwa with a motive of entrenching their powers were blocked by Kidero. The officers want 90 chief secretaries appointed with powers similar to those of  Ndegwa, a move that is seen as aimed at downgrading Ndegwa’s authority.

As this was happening, the county fleet management director Lucy Maitei was interdicted by deputy governor Jonathan Mueke.
Maitei’s crime is that she allowed Walter Mong’are, a City Hall communications official, to use Mueke official car, a Mercedes Benz. Mong’are used the limousine to Kisii on official function sanctioned by Kidero.

Since his arrival at City Hall, Mong’are has found it difficult to operate with a section in the governor’s communication team out to frustrate him. The communication department has been moribund for a long time and stakeholders have always raised concern.

Argument has been that, whereas since assuming office, Kidero’s team has made major strides in management of city affairs, including 24-hour cleaning of city streets, Kenyans are not informed. Insiders say three camps exist within the communication team. One is allied Beryl Otieno, another behind Mong’are aka Nyambane and a third one composed of old guards Kidero inherited from the former Nairobi’s mayors.

Even as the communication team is engaged in fighting each other, the enforcement department is a pale shadow of itself. Hawkers, beggars and street children invade city streets impacting negatively and ably affecting the 24-hour cleaning process.

By last week, word had it Kidero was to make major changes in the department, including creation of a new position of assistant county secretary to deputise Ms Ndegwa.
The reshuffle, if it happens, will spread across various departments including agriculture, health and finance with those involved swooping positions. Nancy Karori, a one Nzuki are among those targeted in the reshuffle.

Kidero is under pressure to weed out cartels that have perfected their act at City Hall and have found new godfathers in his new administration. To penetrate City Hall, they have enlisted services of brokers who openly boast to be close to Kidero when in the true sense of the word, the governor may not be aware of those who happen to be imposters.

How the governor will crack whip and evict the cartels from City Hall is eagerly awaited. But first, analysts point out that a reshuffle and even showing some the door could be the first step towards the goal. Kidero sacked the man in charge of revenue sometimes back which led to the improvement in daily collections. The question is who is next?