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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Union boss scoffs at SRC pay perks for civil servants

The recently gazetted emoluments for all cadres of civil servants announced by the Salary Review Commission chaired by Sarah Serem which include hefty car loans and mortgage have been described as a diversionary tactic at a time when teacher’s nationwide strike has paralysed learning in all public schools.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen on the matter, Nairobi county executive secretary of the Union of Kenya Civil Servants Wilson Atsingo dismissed what he termed as blatant attempt to deflate the teachers paralysing national strike “and clearly overstepping its mandate which is to advise government on salaries for public servants not to set out what they should earn”.
Atsingo told off the SRC chairperson challenging her to address issues that need urgent remedy like teacher’s strike over pay perks “dangling loans is far from helping the situation as many of the lowly paid civil servants will find themselves roped into untenable financial situation with thin pay slips. “What will happen when civil servants find themselves virtually held hostage to their employer through the loans? How can a civil servant with a pay slip of  Sh20,000 service  a Sh600,000  mortgage?” he posed.
Atsingo warned Serem ‘to stop misleading the government over the wage bill while creating avenues that will only worsen the situation. Why is the government unable to pay teachers yet at the same time announcing huge loans for highly paid state bureaucrats which nonetheless go on to bloat the national wage bill?