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Monday, 7 July 2014


The Odinga dynasty that has politically dominated the Luo Nation uninterrupted for half a century is now waning.

Elected leaders from the region had to have blessings from the Odinga family to succeed.The only person who came close to wrestle power from them was Tom Mboya but fell short and became a puppet of the Jomo Kenyatta administration.

After his errands that were useful to the government became irrelevant, he was shot and killed in broad daylight on what is now Moi avenue in 1969.

Odinga dynasty's Raila Odinga has lost presidential elections thrice the last being 2013 election.

Being a shrewd and tactful politician he has revitalized himself,tested the ground and found it fertile.

Capitalizing on Jubilee government blunders and failures like insecurity, terrorism and corruption, Raila has articulated them to his advantage and is again set to go for the presidency for the fourth and most likely final round.

Raila's sunset is falling on him and what is on people's lips is who will take up the baton and shepherd the Luo people when Raila finally retires from active politics.

Dalmas Otieno and monied Nairobi governor Evans Kidero both from South Nyanza feature.

The populist Siaya county senator James Orengo who tickles law and the constitution and recognized as championing for justice and rights for the poor people cannot be ruled out while Otieno Kajwang does not feature anywhere in the talks.

Senator Orengo's ambition to lead the Luo one day has been burning in him but his stature has all along been overshadowed by the Odinga dynasty.

Since then a lot of water has passed beneath the bridge and age is fast catching up on Raila.

Aware of this, Orengo tested the murky waters when he and Oburu Odinga fiercely fought for the ODM senatorial ticket in Siaya County.

In the ensuing rivalry some members within ODM  fraternity suggested to mediate between the two but Orengo rebuffed them and continued with his campaigns.

Orengo's star rose in the early 90s during the clamour for multiparty democracy when he teamed up with pro-democracy forces to drive their agenda forward and since then he is admired and accepted across the political divide.

Orengo is a gifted speaker who articulates issues with much ease and is said to be at home with Kidero.

Raila's son Castro whom people think will pick up from his father is colourless and shallow and unable to push his father's agenda forward.