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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Residents of Kisumu town are now appealing to Inspector General of Police to do a major reshuffle of police officers who are now believed to be working in cahoots with criminals to terrorise local residents. There have been cases of some known police officers known to be used to taking hefty bribes from criminal gangs as protection fees.

The chairman of the Kisumu Residents Association Audi Ogada has now written to the Kisumu regional coordinator Francis Mutie demanding for quick action to address the problem of insecurity in Kisumu city.

The letter reads in part: “That I appeal to you to immediately launch investigations on the circumstances surrounding a case reported in the OB43/17/4/2014 where a contractor by the name Naran Lalji who was arrested and put in cell at the Kisumu Central Police Station was charged with a Sh40 million bouncing cheque was also declared bankrupt by top senior police officers coming from one tribe whom we have reliably learnt had vested interests. This case was finally withdrawn in unclear circumstances”.

The letter also claims a case was reported in OB No 90/26/5/2014 where an Asian by the name Ashok Kumar was arrested and bonded with a cash bail of Sh50,000. However, due to conflict of interest by the same senior police officers, he was re-arrested and thrown in the police cells at Kisumu Central Police Station. This particular case again was not taken to court and Kisumu residents need to know why or what happened.

There is public outcry in Kisumu city on the conduct of two police officers attached to the CID department under DCIO Kisumu. “We call upon you to investigate their operations if we mean to curb the state of insecurity in Kisumu,” said Audi in the letter.

Also to be investigated is a case in which on August 2 2014 in the morning when an inspector drew a gun ready to shoot over accusation of immorality to the amazement of members who thronged the camp to witness the incident.

“We also call upon you to investigate an incident that occurred at Shauri Moyo AP Camp when the chief inspector assigned a junior officer to Mt Elgon for operation duties only to accord him a chance to commit adultery with the junior’s wife,” said Audi.

This, Audi claims, is a clear testimony that the issue of immorality is rampant in the AP/regular police camps and calls for an urgent enforcement of the circular to curb the escalation of ugly incidents in the camps. 

The big question Kisumu residents are asking is why officers who were allegedly mentioned adversely as notorious for facilitating livestock theft in Nyakach were transferred to Kisumu instead of being disciplined?

It is also alleged that an AP inspector attached to Winam division has been facilitating and protecting brewers of illicit brew and yet no action has been taken. It is further alleged that the officer has stayed in the station for over 10 years.

Sources claim that the same officer has been instrumental in securing the release of arrested illicit brew dealers and he is on the payroll as a result of this.

Audi now claims that his life is danger and has been receiving threats after he wrote a letter to the Inspector General of Police service on August 20 2014. The mentioned officers in his letter are now said to be conspiring to silence him at all costs.

“Despite all these, I still reaffirm my commitment to this course and no amount of intimidation, threats and insults will stop my pursuit for justice,” said Audi.