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Sunday, 7 September 2014


There are questions being raised as to how James Arthur Otenyo (pictured bottom)   was booked at a hospital in Eldoret town for a minor surgical operation only for his state to deteriorate leading to his death.

An employee of Keninvest parastatal and relatives whom we spoke to said the deceased was in jovial mood, called friends and relatives, saying he was to undergo a minor surgery. According to him, he was to stay at the hospital for only two days and then be discharged as doctors had assured him the surgery was only but a minor one.

However, that was not to be. After the surgery, he started bleeding profusely and was forced to stay in the hospital for more days. Family sources say that while fixing support tubes in his nostrils, the medics tampered with fractured blood veins leading to excessive internal bleeding that to contributed to his death.

To make matters worse, those involved in the operation failed to scan him and identify where the problem was.

As a result, friends and family members want investigations carried out by the medical regulatory board to unearth alleged unprofessionalism and negligence as the reason that resulted into his death.

A medic we talked to related Otenyo’s case to that of Wahome Mutahi, a Nation columnist who died in a Thika hospital.

In 2003, Wahome underwent what was supposed to be a routine, minor and painless operation at Thika District Dospital to remove a lymphoma from his back. He was assured by a surgeon that the operation would take less than 15 minutes. Because of a blunder by those involved, he went in a coma and never woke up again.

For Otenyo, the minor surgery was to relieve the pain he felt in his head.
As things stand, questions linger over his sudden death and this is likely to take legal dimension.