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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cousins Rasanga, Midiwo in bitter fight

Our Special Correspondent

A protracted political  war  is in the  offing in Siaya county, which is likely  to have serious negative and adversely impact on ODM which is the party of  choice in the region.
The  battle  is between   the outspoken  Gem  MP Jakoyo  Midiwo  and  the  county  governor  Cornel  Rasanga.
The two political giants  of  Siaya  county are cousins. Their mothers  together with the late Mary  Oginga  Odinga, the  mother  of the  ODM  supremo Raila  Odinga  are  sisters.
Speaking  at a function  in Bondo  sub county,  Midiwo  alleged  that  Governor  Rasanga  is giving  Sh200,000 every  weekend  to a rival  who is an MP  for  the  purposes of finishing Midiwo.
Midiwo also decried what he termed poor management of the resources by the Siaya county government under the governor Rasanga, citing the collapse of all the 10 medical facilities in his Gem constituency. He lamented that empty hospitals without medical staff, and yet the central government has disbursed millions of shilling to the Siaya county government which has failed to employ the medic staff to man these hospitals and cater for the suffering members of his constituents.
Midiwo  also   called  on  Siaya  county  MCAs  to  remain  vibrant  and  ensure  that the  government  officials  do not embezzle  public  funds  meant  for  development.
Meanwhile,  an audit report of November 2014 compiled  from  a survey carried  out by Siaya  county leadership and development  forum  through   social  audit panel  of common  people, which  was  recently  presented  to the  public  at  Ambira  High  School in  December indicated that 20pc of  Sh2 billion  development  budget  2013/2014  financial  year  was  misused  through  corruption.
More than 250   Siaya  residents  blamed  the  governor  and his  government  “for  corruption  and scoring  below average on performance  covering  service delivery, development  and  good governance”.
According to  the  report,  the  governor  was  violating   the  constitution  and  the  county  governance  Act  by having public  sessions  in town  after  every  three months.
The   report  further  indicates  that   there  was only  superficial  involvement  of the people  in the preparation of the county integrated  development  plan and the county  budget  as a  way  of fulfill  requirements  from  controller of  budget and hence  the  ownership  amongst  the people in Siaya .
“Corruption has hampered service delivery in the county government   and there in no doubt about involvement of the executive.There is no action being taken at all,”  the   report added.