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Sunday, 11 January 2015

TSC shuffle leaves Kakamega teachers shaking heads

Jackton Shayo

The annual headteachers and principals transfers in the Kakamega North district has continued to divide Kenya National Union of Teachers  office and the Teachers Service Commission with the former claiming that they were not consulted before the transfers were made.
More than 21 teachers including heads were transferred in what the TSC Kakamega North district office described as a move that will see education standards in the worst performing district improve.
However, the area  Knut executive secretary Shadrack Tovoko maintains that the transfers were not as per earlier agreed where they were to meet and deliberate on the modalities before effecting the same. It is claimed that the staffing office solemnly carried out the transfer exercise. 
The exercise which has elicited heated debate among the disgruntled teachers and the education office on their new postings has also seen school management committees fight in public on whether their institutional bosses should stay or move with the most affected school being Friend’s Malava Primary where the chairman John Teka was ejected in a meeting called by the headteacher on transfer Jacob Masitsa to woo parents reject his transfer to Friend’s Mugai Primary in the same district by writing to the staffing office.
In a meeting held at the schools premise on December 31 2014, the headteacher after availing the transfer letter to the 15-member committee present that included the sponsor and the district education board representative, the headteacher had to lay bare the fact that the chairman of the school was behind his transfer as they had deferred on various developmental and management issues.
The committee was made to believe that the chairman wrote to the education office over the same and this ignited the move to eject in the meeting that was later chaired by a one Zablon Makunda in acting capacity.
Teka, according to the committee, was now perceived as a traitor for opposing the move to have the headteacher retained.
In the one hour meeting resolution, a letter was drafted that stated that the headteacher having remained with only two years to his retirement should not be transferred. The school having posted good performance in last year’s KCPE having moved from a mean score of 276 to 308 was also listed as a reason for his push to stay.
Shocking was a resolution that Masitsa was the best to oversee the school that is now the centre of excellence this year  as it celebrates its 100 years since inception.
However, the meeting was termed illegal as the convener Masitsa was no longer the head of the school since he had already received his transfer and what he was doing was termed as inciting the parents against the education office that initiated his transfer.
At the same time, the committee took issue with the education office for failing to investigate the allegation levelled against the headteacher but instead decided to draft a transfer letter having only heard from the chairman in writing.
It is also alleged that during the school meeting over the same, the chairman started lobbying for the collecting of signatures from the committee in support of the head’s transfer, a move that was rejected by the committee hence forcing his ejection as the chair of the meeting.
They claimed that the headteacher had oiled the hands of the members.
Wangayi Zakayo of Chimoroni primary takes over Friend’s Malava Primary as the new head, Peter Masungo of Friend’s Sambuli Primary was moved to Friend’s Shipala Primary as Mark Tova takes over Sambuli with Samson Tali of Friends Ingavila Primary swapping with Joseph Andati of Friend’s Kakunga Primary. 
 The head who have served for more than 14 years, Francis Mulari of Friend’s Kakoyi Primary has hesitated to move to his new station, Friend’s Shirugu Primary where Peter Wanami was to take over.
While all these was unfolding, the Knut executive secretary maintained that the district human resource officer Henry Mudachi must be moved immediately or else he will be forced to vacate the office soon until further notice and blamed the county office for failing to adhere to the earlier agreement, where in a meeting between them chaired by Kakamega county TSC officer, Janet Onyango, where it was agreed that the county office effects the transfer of the said officer.
According to Knut, the sub-county human resource officer is embroiled in a tussle with a Kakoyi Primary teacher, Jomo Barasa, and the matter is with the CID office Kabras Police Station.