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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Kisii leaders turn burials battlegrounds

Nyaribari  Chache leaders have differed twice in public over mismanagement and management of their constituency resources.
The two leaders, Nyagaka Tongi and his predecessor Robert Monda have now to solve their differences in the funeral places into battle grounds.
Tongi and Monda have set Nyaribarians into a campaign mood across the constituency wherever they meet.
The duo have given the New Year’s gift to the people of Nyaribari  Chache, pointing an accusing fingers on the resources the constituency has received for the past eight years.
The leaders were involved in two different burial ceremonies at Kiogoro division, where a teacher, Chris Nyamache and Mzee  Zablon Masese, the father of area ward rep Samwel Apoko were being interred.
Both the late Nyamache and Masese hailed from Kiogoro, the home turf of the area MP Tongi.
Matunwa, the village where also Ambassador .Sam Ongeri hails from, attended the burial of the late Masese, and as a senior politician from the region, he  was not spared on the squabbles squared in the public.