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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Midiwo, rep in burial oral brawl

Opiyo David

Mourners in Central Gem in Siaya county were left open-mouthed when the area MP Jakoyo Midiwo and Central Gem ward representative Fred Ouda traded insults after confronting each other.
The burial services of assistant chief of Siriwo sublocation Paul Mboya came to a standstill after the area ward rep interrupted Midiwo’s speech.
Jakoyo was vocal on the alleged corruption at the Siaya county governor Cornel Rasanga’s office and the award of some tenders to MCAs by the county government which made the MCA to shout at him.
“Jakoyo stop lying to us. Tell the people the truth. You must know why the governor decided to construct the wooden offices,” shouted Ouda.
The legislator told the MCA to cool down because he was not his turn to talk and he is not also the governor of Siaya.
“Ouda you are not the governor. Your work is oversight so how can you protect the money of the people of Central Gem if is misused?” asked Jakoyo.
Jakoyo called the agitated ward representative to take the microphone if he wanted to address the mourners.
The confrontations and insults of the “honourable” left the mourners perplexed.
It forced the area deputy commissioner Kahindi Kazungu, to intervene in the confrontation between the two leaders by tightening security fearing a physical fight which was about to erupt.
In Rarieda, the Gem MP accused governor of misusing public funds by entitling one of the MPs a salary of Sh200,000 per week which is not stated the reason of that. He added that the county government has squandered Sh108 million allocated by the national government to recruit health officers.
“We will not allow the governor to use corruption in running the government. We will fight him to the grave,” said Midiwo.
The sentiments that were made by the legislator deter several mixed reactions among the MCAs who attended the church service in Rarieda School.
Central Sakwa ward representative Johannes Andiego urged the governor to call for dialogue with the county leaders to cement the relations between the governor and other leaders.
“We should stop these blame game and the only way is through dialogue,” said Andiego.
He blamed other leaders of not attending to peaceful and development forums called by the governor instead are persistently bashing the media.
East Ugenya MCA Erick Ndonji urged the leaders who are relying on hearsay and have credible evidence over the allegations and table them to the assembly for stern action to be taken.
Meanwhile, East Gem ward rep Booker Otieno differed with his counterparts saying that the public should be in the know if public funds are being squandered by the county government.