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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bomet senator’s alarming staff turnover

Baffled residents of Bomet county are wondering why their senator and his six workers are no longer working for him in his office.
The former University of Nairobi don Wilfred Lesan is yet to explain why in a period of less than two years all his staff have left office.
They also want EACC to probe graft claims where the governor is said to have awarded a tender to one of his family member to supply furniture in his Bomet senate office at a cost of Sh600,000.
New staff are still on orientation aimed at understanding parliamentary system of operating.
Among those who left the senator include his personal assistant, county manager and his official driver who started working for senator after he was elected in office.
As the senator crusades against corruption elsewhere he is being challenged to look inwards at his office to establish the owner of Isel Creative Designs, a company that was used to supply furniture to the senate.
The senator is one of the county leaders calling for Governor Isaac Ruto to step down as his name is on the list of shame tabled in parliament over corruption.
They say allegations where one of the family members is reported to have equipped county senate office with furniture must be probed.
Apart from the staff that are paid by parliamentary service commission, the same senator since being elected is among  politicians with a record four security officers as his guards.
As the political war in Bomet rages, time will tell who among the elected leaders of county assembly included will retain the seat come 2017 elections.
The MPs have in the past started using hired chopper aimed at covering a big area in the county the same extravagance Governor Isaac Ruto is being accused of.
Bomet residents have termed the MPs county sky team. The team includes Joyce Laboso, Senator Wilfred Lesan, Bomet East MP Benard Bett, Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui, Konoin MP Sammy Koech and Chepalungu MP Paul Bii. Bomet county member of parliament Cecilia Ngetich is not part of the team.
The MPs have in the past weeks’ popularised Sotik MP Joyce Laboso as the possible candidate for governor in 2017. Laboso is yet to declare her candidature.
Former Konoin MP Julius Kones is also in the race and will face off Laboso in Jap nomination if she declares interest for the top county seat.