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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Goons storm Nakuru TNA office and take over in daylight coup

A faction has emerged claiming leadership of TNA in Nakuru county besides the incumbent office holders.
The team led by Abdul Noor as chairman is backed by former councillor Charles Maisiba.
The Noor faction recently invaded party’s regional headquarters where Noor was installed as county TNA chairman.
The group found the county chairman Harrison Muiruri at the offices but he hurriedly left the premises to avoid a confrontation with the mob.
There were no staff members by the time the media arrived as they reportedly vanished  immediately Noor and Maisiba group arrived.
Muiruri reportedly did not comply with an earlier directive by TNA national executive officer Joseph Mathai who had ordered that the office gates that were previously under lock and key be kept open.
Mathai’s orders were on the basis that the offices should be accessible during working hours.
Noor and his team who declared that they had taken over the premises as interim regional party officials condemned the incumbent office holders for allegedly not addressing party issues affecting the county members.
Noor and his team presented a memorandum to the TNA/URP board appointed by the president to probe what was ailing Nakuru MCAs.
Party members in the Nakuru county are now in disarray over who to consult over local party matters as both Muiruri and Noor teams continue claiming their legality in office.
They are calling upon their national TNA office to clarify the issue.