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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Machakos teachers celebrate TSC officers’ exit

A sigh of relief swept through Machakos county teaching fraternity after the transfer of two Teachers Service Commission officials whom teachers say have been a pain in their necks. The two, Stephen Mudho who is the county education director was moved to Vihiga county while the staffing officer Elizabeth Murungami was transferred to Kajiado.
According to teachers, the two worked in collusion with Machakos Knut executive secretary Benbary Nthiwa who allegedly got a cut from the money teachers paid the two TSC officials to be transferred to established schools or to evade transfers to ‘lesser’ schools. Teachers who look up to Nthiwa to save them from the transfers which they term as vindictive and too frequent are always disappointed as he never acts lending credence to their suspicion that he was conspiring with Mudho and Murungami.
Even after being moved, the two were by late last week making transfers which has left teachers wondering why Nthiwa is not raising a finger as the teachers’ protector. Teachers also claimed that Mudho transferred them when they had not asked to be transferred so as to create space for those who had paid a bribe to him.
Because of allegedly collaborating with Mudho and Murungami, the Machakos executive committee and teachers are up in arms against Nthiwa and have petitioned the national executive secretary Wilson Sossion to take action on Nthiwa whom they say does not address their issues.
The board is also accusing Nthiwa of being a lone ranger who does not call for branch executive committee meetings for them to ventilate on burning teachers’ matters hence the chaos in the branch.