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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mass exodus at Nairobi Aviation College leaves outfit shell

Our Reporter
Following an expose on certificates of doom at the Nairobi Aviation College, investigations reveal that the college has been hit by mass exodus of students and lecturers. The college is owned by Peter Manyuru, who is a self-styled apostle at Nairobi Aviation College Chapel.
Most of the campuses have half the number of the students they had before the expose something that has dealt a big blow to the institution which was once rapidly growing.  The most affected branches are Kisumu, Kitale, Eldoret, Nakuru and Mombasa.
A spotcheck by Weekly Citizen revealed that most of the classes are almost empty and most affected are campuses outside Nairobi where parents panicked and withdrew their children whom they transferred to other colleges.
The expose which revealed how the college has allegedly been admitting poor grade students for various courses, hiring unqualified lecturers and also selling fake certificates has left both students and parents at a fix as to whether they should continue paying their heard-earned money to the institution which is now said to be in its death bed.
It had been reported that at the Nairobi Aviation College, even primary school dropouts are allowed in to college to pursue technical courses like electrical engineering. Some of them can not even write their own names. It also reveals how easy it is to get a diploma certificate, by simply paying Sh4,000. With such a small amount, one can get the certificate in less than 24 hours.
What has resulted in mass exodus apart from the expose is the report by Technical And Vocational Education and Training Authority which also found that diploma students were being taught by tutors with the same qualification.
According to the report by the authority’s chairman Prof Wilson Ogola, the college was advised to stop issuing internal certificates. It has been noted that the college lacks qualified lecturers and has been stopped from offering some courses until  it has put together a qualified team to teach them.
Another bone of contention is that the college had set up the Nairobi Aviation College Examinations Board that was issuing certificates without government approval. The college has been advertising courses that have not been approved, including theology.
Recently, over 500 students of Nairobi Aviation College disrupted learning at the institution’s Kisumu Campus demanding to be told the validity of the certificates and courses offered at the college.
The angry students who stormed the principal’s office demanded for an official address from the institution’s management.