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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mitura levy rebellion threatens Kabogo grip

Kiambu governor William Kabogo has lambasted enemies of the county whom he said are bent on ensuring that no development was realised for the sake of their own cheap political interests.
Speaking a day after  demonstration by Thika residents opposed to the hiked levies and rates imposed by the county government, Kabogo said that there is a clique of leaders who want him and the county government to appear to fail so that they can use this “failure” as a political tool to deny him a chance to be re-elected 2017.
“These people see nothing good from my government. They want to ensure that my government does not collect levies/rates to render services to my people so that when 2017 polls come, they will go round saying my government did not perform,” said the visibly bitter Kabogo.
Kabogo said no government can achieve its mandate and service delivery without collecting levies and rates. “Even the Bible says that give God and Caesar their due,” Kabogo said.
The governor said that it was unfortunate that former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu called him and requested him to allow him plunge into Kiambu politics which he okayed but little did he know he would engage in destructive and retrogressive politics.
He said Kiambu people were not dumb, blind nor deaf to realise that Kiambu politics had been infiltrated by a political reject from Nairobi who was now trying to destabilise his government, a situation that will not only not be accepted but will be faced with punitive defensive retaliation.
On levies and rates, Kabogo pointed out that he was not the one responsible for their hike as this was the work and mandate of MCAs. “If you have an issue with the financial bill, kindly air your grievances through your MCA. You are burdening me with problems and challenges that are not in my docket,” said Kabogo.
Kabogo was reacting to a major demo by Thika residents on Wednesday last week protesting the hiking of levies and rates, demolition of kiosks, alleged corruption and failure to deliver services by the county government. The residents led by Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a, Kiambu MP Jude Jomo and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa delivered a memorandum of the levies and rates that they demanded the council should adopt. The rates are those charged in 2009.
“These people are so ignorant. We are not in 2009 and we are growing and the demand for service delivery is huge and therefore need more levies and rates to deliver our mandate,” said Kabogo.
He said it was unfortunate that hirelings were brought from outside the county to cause economic sabotage in the county by political tourists who had no interests for Kiambu and her citizenry and who were supported by political hecklers from the local political scene who had nothing to offer but mere rhetoric and were political witch hunters.
Kabogo said that they would miserably fail in their bid. “I am not a political starter and I dare whoever thinks he can wrestle power from me to think twice or thrice because I am prepared and well equipped for a political duel,” he said.