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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Nyachae sends governor scampering with 2017 signal

Some residents of Nyaribari Masaba and Kitutu Chache constituencies have warned the chairman of the Constitutional Implementation Commission Charles Nyachae against meddling and undermining the leadership of the Kisii county governor James Ongwae.
They also reminded Nyachae that the seat of the Kisii county governor is not vacant to warrant him to crisscross the county in the name of harambees which is nothing but early campaigns.
The residents who were drawn from the two constituencies said that they were comfortable with the leadership and development record under the watch of Ongwae in Kisii county and told Nyachae to give him time so that he can concentrate on implementing the promises he made to the people of Kisii during his campaigns.
Led by David Omae and Joseph Ongaki, they challenged Nyachae to resign from his current position and start early campaigns instead of using government funds to campaign.
Omae said that they are surprised to see Nyachae whom they assume understands law flaut the same law.
“If a person of Nyachae’s calibre starts early campaigns before the speculated time, what would those who are ignorant of the law do?” Omae posed.
Ongaki said that despite Nyachae coming from a financially stable family, for a long time, they have not assisted the community and questioned which wonders he can perform if given an opportunity.
For the last one year, Nyachae has been moving mostly in churches sending his signals for his candidature for the seat of the governor come the next general elections.
His supporters led by the chairman of PDP party Stephen Nyarangi have been camping on the ground selling his policies.
 Nyachae is also eyeing to be the Kisii spokesman, a move that has been rubbished by some senior political leaders in the region.
A source confided that Nyachae is also in the process of forming a new party after realising that the already existing parties KSC, Ford-P and PDP are not ready to unite and form one formidable party.