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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Uncomfortable URP members told to join fight

Ford Kenya party in Trans Nzoia has challenged United Republican Party  members not comfortable in the Jubilee government to join the house of peace Ford Kenya for preparation of the next government.
Speaking to press the nominated MCA in the county assembly of Trans Nzoia Margaret Sabina said the door is open for URP  members in the county and entire Rift Valley uncomfortable with Jubilee government to join the party and support Moses Wetangula for presidency in 2017 instead of words fighting. “Kama mnaona serikali haiwapeleki vizuri kujeni tuunde serikali ijao yenye itajali kila mkenya bila ukabila (if you know the government is not taking you well come we form the next government that will consider and protect every Kenyan without tribalism)’’ she said
Sabina was referring to 10 MPs from Rift Valley who accused Uhuru Kenyatta in what they said the corruption list was targeting only URP members and they were not comfortable on how president acted on it. She urged who are defecting from URP in Trans Nzoia to join Ford Kenya. Already in Trans Nzoia a URP member from Saboti constituency had defected from URP to Kanu calling URP a vehicle without light that can cause an accident to its supporters any time.
Former Kitale mayor Pius Kauka insisted that he was the URP member but he is now in Kanu to support Gideon Moi. He told Endebess MP Robert Pukose and other URP officials in the county to stop calling him a political hawkers or broker.
Kauka said it was his personal decision to move from darkness and join Kanu adding that his URP membership card was 58 33 649 proving URP officials who are saying that he was in Orange Democratic Movement wrong. Kauka told MP Pukose that he is a senior politician than him and he should respect him. Kauka said Pukose used to humble before him when he was a Kitale mayor wondering why is he calling him a political broker. In press release signed by Trans Nzoia Kanu nominated senator
Zipporah Kittony said all aspirants willing to contest for MPs, gubernatorial, women rep, senator and MCAs to come up as party participants. Kittony said Gideon Moi is ready to go for presidential seat in the next general election.
She congratulated those defecated from URP to join Kanu the focused party urging those still standing at the fence in URP to come in for registration.
Separately the United Republican Party members in Trans Nzoia county supported the move by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy to uproot corruption that has been stagnant in Jubilee administration.
Speaking in a press conference in Kitale URP youth leader George Bitok and TNA youth leader James Mwangi said Uhuru was 100pc okay in fighting corruption in the country.
Bitok with his colleague from TNA James Kitau accused the 10 MPs from Rift Valley who had pointed the finger at Uhuru Kenyatta in what they said Uhuru was tarnishing the image of the URP party.
Bitok said there was no problem for those involved in corruption allegation to step aside as president requested adding that those mentioned should carry their own cross after completion of the investigation.
He told those thinking that president was wrong to tell those involved to step aside then they are the one promoting corruption in Jubilee administration while they belong to the current government which they should support fully the president’s exercise of cleaning the house.
Bitok said stepping aside for only 60 days to allow investigation does not mean that they are guilty until they are proven. He told URP leaders from Rift Valley not to be used by oppositions to point the finger at the president’s action to force those involved in corruption allegation to step aside saying that they have faith in EACC.
Trans Nzoia TNA youth leader James Mwangi supported fully the president’s move saying if large percentage is from URP does not mean that Uhuru has no good intention. Mwangi said as TNA supporters in the county they are happy for what Uhuru is doing as a way of cleaning his name.