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Monday, 13 April 2015


An office bookkeeper has been sacked after accidentally sending a text calling her boss a "complete d***." Louise Nesbitt was dismissed from her role following the incident. She claimed she sent the text to her boss by accident - rather than to he intended recipient, her daughter's boyfriend. The full text described her boss 'Rob' as a "complete d***," adding: "we know this already so please try your best not to tell him that regardless of how you feel the need." Immediately after realising the mistake, Ms Nesbitt sent a follow up text to her boss apologising and asking him to delete the message. She wrote: "Rob, please delete without reading. I am so so so sorry. Xxx." The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Ms Nesbitt intended to send the text in January to her daughter's boyfriend. He had been contracted to carry out plumbing work at the office where she worked. See Also: Expectant 65-year-old woman set to become oldest mother of quadruplets In a third text, she said the message was down to her sense of humour. Louise added: "That message came across so wrong. Rob ... that is not how I feel. My sense of humour is to exaggerate. "It is so far out of context ... please forget it and just go on as normal." She has now failed to convince a tribunal that the message was a light-hearted insult.