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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Boys yet to come to terms with exam cheat charges

The 145 students from Kisii High School whose KCSE examinations were cancelled  have maintained that they are innocent over the alleged exam  cheating and were unfairly victimised by the Kenya National Examinations Council.
They called for deeper investigations into the matter which they said traumatised them.
Most of the students who scored straight As in all the other subjects apart from the English and History subjects where 105 and 40 students were affected respectively said that even if another exam was given to them right now, they will disapprove KNEC by even scoring higher grades since their teachers had prepared them well.
In a meeting they held to decide their next course of action, the students majority of who have   been  doing well since they joined the institution, shed tears uncontrollably as each displayed the A grades they scored in other subjects apart from the one subject which each was affected.
The student in index number one had straight As in Maths, Kiswahili, Biology, Physics, Chemistry ,Geography and Business  but  English was not graded.
The student identified as Hillary Mogondo said that all through he has been taking  position one since he joined Kisii School and his dream of becoming a doctor has now been dashed.
The other students argued that there was something    beyond the alleged  cheating which the government must tell them.
When the principal of the institution Casper Maina was contacted, he said that it was unfortunate that all those affected were his top cream boys.