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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Chesikaki ward rep Ben Kipkut of Mt Elgon constituency in Bungoma county has been accused of nepotism and corruption.
It is alleged that all committees constituted in his ward to oversee developments projects are composed of members of his Saboti community sidelining others from Teso and Luhya communities.
Further, it is said, he has employed friends and relatives in the ward office with Zaphanie Tumbo as ward administrator.
Queries are being asked as to why Kipkut held information on matters relating to electing current office bearers to run the youth fund. As a result, other communities were locked out allowing his henchmen to be in charge.
Controversy surrounds a water project initiated in the area which was to benefit the lower region occupied by those who did not vote for him. He relocated the project to Chemodi, Tereso and Twikut area where he has roots and sidelined Chepkati.
The MCA has concentrated roads projects in his favourite regions, and Kapkot in Teso which is close to his home, it is said.
When it comes to revenue collection and security position in the ward, his cronies are in charge. Through his influence and command, an Mpesa agent has been included on the county payroll and earns Sh5,000 per month.
Loans and bursary funds are being allocated on tribal lines not to forget the award of tenders, others allege.
During the Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation, the MCA lobbied for a one Chepchumba to be elected. Surprisingly, they are all from Chesikaki which happens to be outside the ward.