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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Congestion overwhelms traffic police in Thika

The newly-posted Thika traffic base commander Apelles Chacha has said that her officers have a rough time in controlling the rising traffic jam in Thika town.
Speaking to the press at her office, Chacha said her officers were facing a serious challenge to deal with the magnitude of traffic jam considering the officers were fewer and had other duties to attend to.
Chacha called on the Kiambu county government to release its askaris to supplement her officers’ efforts in controlling traffic jams especially during rush hours. “We need more personnel to deal with traffic jam during the peak hours when traffic movement is brought to standstill. The tiresome peak hours are in the morning lunch and evening,” the traffic staff officer said.
She regretted that instead of widening roads, the county government was narrowing them by putting foot paths. She gave the example of the Thika Blue Post road that only allows one vehicle at a time at the Chania bridge causing great agony road users.
“It’s a high time that those charged with the responsibility of upgrading Thika roads came to the rescue of the commuters in this area as motorists spend between 45 minutes to one hour on traffic jam every day in and out of Thika town only,” she lamented.
She pointed out that after the completion of the eight-lane Thika Super Highway, planners in Thika did not do anything to improve traffic flow in and out of Thika town leading to the current traffic problem.
The base commander further regretted the carelessness and madness of matatu drivers plying the routes in and out of Thika town saying that for the three weeks she has been in town, she has observed major cases of recklessness and impunity amongst matatu drivers in the area.
She said recently, they have recorded cases of accidents where matatus have knocked down pedestrians on zebra crossings as they rush for passengers. She said this was unacceptable and warned Saccos to ensure that their vehicles comply with transport regulations or have their licences cancelled.
She encouraged members of the public to continue working and channeling their grievances to her office for prompt action.