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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Conwoman with deals too sweet to resist

A super conwoman is on the rampage in the lakeside city of Kisumu.
Armed with fake government LPOs, the softspoken woman has taken a unique way and manner of approaching her victims. One of her victims is Joseph Akumu from Ngete village, Central Karachuonyo in Homa Bay county.
The woman who hails from Kano plains in Kisumu county operates around the major commercial banks in Kisumu’s central business district.
The woman who is said to be married to a policeman working in Nairobi usually flashes out the tender documents which look genuine and tells the victims that she had been awarded tenders to supply Oginga Odinga Referral Hospital with certain items including foodstuffs. She then says payment from the institution would be forthcoming within weeks.
She proposes to the victims that they will share the profits on 50-50 basis once the payment is settled. However, she never divulges the delivery note to the victim.
The first person to be conned is a Kenyan living in New York, US.
She first time conned the man Sh140,000 by saying that the items to be supplied was worth Sh250,000 but she had in her possession only Sh120,000.
A few days later, she approached the man and told him that she had been awarded another lucrative tender to supply Victoria Hospital which is based in Milimani estate with with bananas worth Sh250,000 and conned the man another Sh120,000 bringing the total amount she had received from this one person to Sh270,000.
The victim waited patiently for months in vain. And when the conwoman’s mobile phone went off, the man became suspicious and called on the procurement officer and the cateress at the Jaramogi Odinga Referral Hospital to enquire if the woman was a genuine supplier to the institutions. The man presented to the hospital authorities all the tender documents whose photocopies were left with him as evidence that the payments were soon coming.
It was at this juncture that the American-based Kenyan and the procurement officer at the institution discovered that all the tender documents which looked genuine were fake and even the rubber stamp was the work fraudsters.
 It was discovered the woman conned other business women Sh700,000 using similar tricks.
In the first case, the victim who hails from Kendu Bay happens to be her uncle.
The victim has vowed to have the woman arrested and charged in court for obtaining money by false pretences.
The victim says when he telephoned the woman’s husband in Nairobi the policeman readily accepted the responsibility and promised to refund the victim of his money. But nothing has materialised and the husband is no longer picking his phone.