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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Guards firm manager beaten up in pay row

A security firm manager who had gone into hiding after defaulting to pay salaries for his guards found himself in hot soup when he was cornered in a Lamu hotel and thoroughly beaten up. It was only the quick action by police that saved the Asian manager.
Drama unfolded in the busy scenic seaside town after the managing director of the security firm was cornered chatting with friends over coffee after surveillance outside and beaten up as the guards chanted “wewe nasema Africa chafu pay us our money, pay us now!” He was frogmarched to an open field as locals enjoyed the drama and cheered the angry guards on saying “hawa watu wa bara si mchezo. Lipa hawa wewe muindi”.
Police intervened and stopped the guards from lynching the manager who was bleeding from the nose as he pleaded with the guards to address their grievances with the ministry of Labour and not to take the law into their hands.
Aziz recently told Weekly Citizen that he was increasingly disappointed by declining business and nasty habits of  natives saying he looked forward to retiring to India where his ancestors are buried saying a “piece of land awaits him and he is fed up with these lazy Kenyans who are mali ngumu! Hawa ni ngumu kama kalasinga ya Mumias,” he is quoted telling one of his aides.