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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jap critics in South Rift want Kanu resurrected

The future  of the United Republic Party as one of the principal partners in the recently launched  National Alliance Party now hangs  in the balance  as residents  of  the  rich voting bloc of  South  Rift region gear towards opting out of the alliance  citing  lack  of  consultation over the new party policy guidelines and principles.
The Kipsigis, a sub clan of the large Kalenjin community have thus a feeling that going it alone would be the most appropriate option. 
The  residents  have since petitioned Senator  Gideon  Moi,  the  national  chairman  of Kanu  to   visit  the  two  regions and launch  the party’s  membership  drive.
“We  want  Kanu  to be   revitalised because we are not  satisfied  with  the  recent  event  that  saw   the  merger   of  URP  and  TNA  into  one  political  party  called  Jap  without  proper  consultations,” they said.
“There  are  hundreds of  Kanu  life and  ordinary  members  in the two counties who have openly  expressed  their displeasure with the idea of rejoin Jap and would like to renew  their  party   membership,”  he added.
MCAs in Kericho and Bomet county assemblies who are masquerading as Ruto’s loyal supporters are reportedly bulling people and have  no respect towards our  governors Isaac  Ruto  of  Bomet   and Paul  Chepkwony  of  Kericho, they said.
“We  want  Senator Gideon  Moi  and  the  party’s  secretary  general  Nick  Salat  to  call  a public  rally  at  Kapkatet  which  is  the  nerve  centre  of  Kipsigis  politics  so that  the  community  can chart  the  way forward,” they added.
The  other  allegations  are  that  MCAs  from  the  two  counties  who  are being accused of making trips to the Sugoi home of the  DP in Eldoret  are doing  so  not for the benefits of the Kipsigis people, but with motives of spreading rumour against their fellow leaders.
The  man who  is  seen  as  DP Ruto’s right handman in Kipsigis  land,  the  Kericho  senator  Charles  Keter  is said to be a bully and  arrogant. Together with other  power  brokers, it is said, they  have  been  polarising  the  two  regions  polluting  the  political air in the region while sowing seeds of discord.
MPs from the two regions are  in support of Jap, but without the full backing of the population, it is claimed.