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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Kisumu PSV owners plan demonstration against base commander

Kisumu traffic base commander is under fire following threats by PSV owners to stage a demonstration against her over alleged rampant extortion.
Those operating public service vehicles under her area of operation are now up in arms claiming that the officer has imposed on them a mandatory Sh1,000 which is paid on a weekly basis and another Sh100 collected daily for one to operate without police interference.
The motor vehicle owners were irked by the fact that they were still being harassed by other junior traffic officers and those from the National Transport Safety Regulation Authority despite of her office receiving close to Sh1 million weekly as protection fee.
“There is totally no need for us to part with such lumpsum amount of money and we therefore call upon the regional traffic commander to move fast and bring sanity in the department before we stage a serious demonstration,’’ lamented one of the drivers who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal.
Meanwhile those operating breakdown vehicles within the town have also been irked by the officer’s new rule where one is forced to part with Sh1,000 before being called for towing.
When contacted over the allegations, the base commander known for her frequent mood swings only demanded to be told the identity of whoever released such information to the media.
She stunned a motorist who had gone to her office for the release of his car when she narrated to him in front of other junior officers how she was a troubled woman given the fact that she has been forced to dish out a weekly Sh2,000 to every Kisumu journalist including this writer.
Other reports indicates that the officer has been frequently heard boasting of how well she is connected to powerful police officers at Vigilance House.