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Thursday, 26 March 2015


A man is to go on trial this week accused of raping his mentally-ill mother on a series of occasions over four years.
Dubai Public Prosecution charged the 37-year-old Emirati after he was allegedly caught by his brother on May 15 this year.
Police said the accused consumed six bottles of lager before the assault.
Official records also state that the man used to beat his mother.
A 27-year-old brother of the man said he and his other siblings had suspected the accused had been having sex with their mother for some time.
“On the day of the incident, our maid informed me that my brother took my mother to his room”, he said.
“I went to the room and broke the window and saw him naked on the top of my mother.”
The man said that his brother was “confused and under the influence of alcohol” when he confronted him.
Another brother, 31, said that the accused was always under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
He added that he had caught his brother with his mum before, and believed he had been abusing her since 2010.
“Once I spotted him having sex with my mother just a year before and I knocked on the door to make him stop,” the second brother said.
“My mother told me several times that he was having sex with her and threatened to beat her up if she refused.”
A medical report said the unemployed accused has hepatitis. It also stated he does not have psychological problems and is responsible for his actions.
A report from Rashid Hospital said the mother is in her 50s and suffers from mental health problems and epilepsy.
The accused, who is on bail, will appear before a judge on Thursday to enter a plea over rape and alcohol charges.