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Saturday, 28 March 2015


A NORTON man’s romp with a goat was cut short when the animal bleated out “sounds of distress” prompting its owner to rush to its rescue, state radio has reported.
Mafios Chisare was arrested over the weekend and remains in custody pending a court appearance this week when he will be charged with bestiality, or having sex with an animal.
Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) reported Sunday that the 22-year-old lad was allegedly caught pants down by the goat’s owner, David Matunha, on Saturday night.
“When ZBC News arrived in the area, residents were angry over the alleged actions of the young man,” the state broadcaster said. “They called for stiffer penalties for offenders convicted of the immoral acts.”
Police spokesman Superintendent Andrew Phiri said Chisare will be arraigned on Tuesday.
Under Zimbabwean law, as is in many civilisations, it is illegal for humans to engage in sexual activity with animals.
But the legal safeguards have not stopped zoophiles from trying their luck, sometimes offering preposterous pretexts when caught.
In October last year, a Zvishavane man left the court in stitches when he claimed that a donkey he was caught violating had transformed from a hooker he had picked earlier at a nightspot.
Sending the court into hysterical laughter, 28-year-old Sunday Moyo told the magistrate: “Your worship, I only came to know I was being intimate with a donkey when I got arrested.”
And last month, a man from Chirumanzu had to seek police help after the owner of a goat he was allegedly caught having sex with demanded that he pays lobola and marry the bleating animal, claiming it had got pregnant by him.