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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 18 – National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo have called for the dissolution of the Public Accounts Committee and a reconstitution of the same.
Speaking during an appearance before the parliamentary Powers and Privileges Committee chaired by Moses Cheboi, the leaders said the committee would not be able to transact business owing to the fact they has issued a vote of no confidence against their Chairman Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba.
“I doubt in my opinion they can still work together following these accusations and counter-accusations, should this committee which you (Cheboi) chair finds it fit, then the committee on selections should reconstitute the Public Accounts Committee afresh, “said Duale.
Midiwo said as a political party, they were fighting to save the image of their party which was being tarnished by the allegations leveled at some of their members.
“When when a potato is too hot it has to be dropped, you can’t let it burn you. I am proposing to you to disband these committee throw it back to the parties to look at their ,membership to see who will not give their political parties a bad name,” added Midiwo.
They however differed over whether the proposal should extend to all committees as many others have been dogged with controversy and corruption issues, the latest being the Agriculture committee where the Chairman Adan Mohamed Noor has been accused of receiving a Sh4 million bribe to doctor a report on Mumias Sugar company.
“I have a big problem with a few committees; hence we called for a new beginning in the selection of these committees – we must do something to stop the appetite for corruption in these committees,” posed Midiwo.
Duale said the punishment should not be meted on all committees as some were conducting their roles as expected adding that parliament as whole should not be ‘sacrificed at the altar’ for the mistakes of others.
Proposals to extend the mandate of the Cheboi committee were also made by Duale saying it would work together the office of the Administrator of Parliamentary Standards which would be formed to investigate cases of financial impropriety.
They proposed a raft of legislations to bring decorum to the House and ensure members of Parliament do not throw around accusations that cannot be substantiated against each other as some were set on maligning the names of fellow members.
“This committee (office of the Administrator of Parliamentary Standards) will bring serious recommendations that you can’t just stand in a funeral or plenary and make serious allegations that members have shared 60 million shillings,” stated Duale.
Midiwo further pointed out that he was not trying to defend Namwamba, saying if he was guilty he should face the consequences, but if innocent, he would protect him. The privileges committee’s name would change from Powers and Privileges to Standards Ethics and Privileges committee.
The majority leader did not fail to play dirty politics when in a sinister move celebrated the tribulations that have rocked the opposition since reports of corruption against some of its members emerged.
Duale said when the opposition was faced with a crisis it made him happy.
“In fact I will not wish them well, as a leader of Majority; my job is to ensure my party is doing well. I believe they are also happy when the government side is doing badly,” quipped Duale.
He acknowledged that he was rooting for Ijara legislator Ahmed Ibrahim Abass because he was his friend and his constituent despite stating that he had no interest in the tribulations rocking the PAC.