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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Girls in Mombasa County took top positions in the Coast region in the just released Kenya Certificate of Secondary (KCSE) examination results.
Two girls from Memon High School, Zebunnissa Kassam Bagha and Sureiya Bagha, took the top spots each attaining a straight A with 84 points each.
Memon High School produced the top girl in the 2013 KCSE examination, according to principal Joseph Mwangi.
At the Aga Khan High School, more than 11 students out of the top 21 who got plain A's were girls, according to principal Mariam Lavingia.
She said the performance was the school’s best.
In 2006, when the school produced the top girl in the country, there were 15 A's.
“We have 21 A-plains and 21 A-minuses, (a) majority of whom are girls,” she said.
She, however, complained that the current system of grading candidates was faulty.
She called for the old ranking system to be brought back, saying “this current one is confusing and unfair”.
Memon High School recorded 16 straight A's, 32 A-, 28 B+, 22 B, 21 B-, 10 C+, 2 C and 1 C-, with a mean grade of 9.67.
“Our school has been on the upward trend for a couple of years,” said Mr Mwangi.
He said that the 16 A-plain grades in Tuesday’s results were shared 50:50 between girls and boys.
However, girls scooped more positions out of the 32 A-minus grades.
The school registered 131 candidates in the 2014 KCSE examination.
Mama Ngina Girls High School, which is one of the public schools in the county, had 10 A-, 23 B+, 35 B-plain, 27 B-, 19 C+, 12 C and 5 C-.
The school’s director of studies, Mr Geoffrey Githinji, described the performance as an improvement from the previous year.
“Our mean score has improved from 8.022 in 2013 to 8.4045. We had 131 candidates and this is an improvement. We hope to do better in this year’s KCSE exam,” said Mr Githinji.