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Sunday, 1 March 2015


An MP from Vihiga county is in trouble after a trader at Mbale market accused him off snatching his wife.
The MP is alleged to have broken many families in the constituency as he takes advantage of his position to lure unsuspecting wives of his supporters for his own gains.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen in Mbale town, the trader said that he was bitter with the MP after he realised that the MP was allegedly flirting with his wife.
He said that it all started when the woman visited the MP at his house to seek assistance for school fees.
The MP is alleged to have started salivating when he saw the woman and immediately started making sexual advances.
He claimed that the MP later gave the woman a casual job at the CDF office but little did he know that this was to keep her near the MP so that he can fulfill his sexual desires.
He claimed that the MP has on several occasions been seen with his wife. “My wife has not been drinking alcohol but since the time he entered into the relationship with the MP, she takes pombe and she is very arrogant to me,” he said.
The MP who is eyeing the governor’s seat has also allegedly caused the separation of the family of a senior education officer in Pokot county a Mr Ambaka after he snatched his wife, Mary Ambaka.
Ambaka has since given up on his wife and separated and the MP now has a field day with the woman who is seeking an MCA’s position.
A one time nominated councillor Alice Buluku aka Iron Lady was close to the MP. Talk of relationship with one of his key campaigners a Mrs Imali from Masana area has been on.