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Sunday, 1 March 2015


Bungoma county residents were treated to a unique spectacle when it dawned on them that a randy MP was allegedly eyeing and interested in dating Sarika Patel who has since broken her marriage with a Bukusu husband Timothy Khamala.
 Sarika and her Bukusu darling Khamala have called it quits. The romantic fairy tale of a girl from a wealthy Indian family, who got married to a Bukusu peasant caused a sensational national storm when they got married against Sarika parents’ wishes. When the story broke out, the couple received overwhelming goodwill and was even offered jobs at a local sugar firm. But as it now emerges, Khamala was forced to send her wife packing after he received a call from an informer that her Asian wife had contacts with an MP from Bungoma county who at one time was at the forefront in trying to assist him during the trying moments of their early days of their shortlived marriage.
It was during this time, it is said, that the MP got the mobile number of the Asian lady and started executing his moves.
 Khamala now an employee at Nzoia Sugar Company discovered that his new wife deceived him that she was on a visit to her parent’s home only to learn that she was allegedly marooned in a secret joint with the MP.
After receiving word that his wife was allegedly involved with Sirisia MP John Waluke, he decided to call it quits.
The poor Bukusu man,  could not compete with the MP with his bottomless pots of cash from a series of  deals courtesy of his position as MP and having benefitted from payments involving National Cereals Produce Board. He is one of the directors of a firm involved in a controversial tender, it is claimed.
Khamala who was introduced to the MP by a human rights activist now blames the activist for having sold his marriage to the MP in favour of jobs to them citing his poverty at that time. He got the job courtesy of a one Kennedy Wanjala an aspirant for Webuye seat and whom locals say has no political future but using is only using Nzoia resources to campaign. He now doubts his ex-wife’s three months pregnancy claiming possibilities that the MP is responsible of it are high. Sarika has relocated back to her parents. Sarika on her part accused Khamala of harassing, insulting and mistreating her, resulting in their ‘divorce’.
Her father, Chabbadia Patel, is said not to be himself upto now despite being a millionaire.
Khamala was 25 and Sarika Patel 24 when they got in love, an affair that hit headlines in print and electronic media. They stayed for sometime in a village at Nangina in Webuye. How an Asian from a rich background could date the poor boy and stay in a mud hut was at the centre of debate.
 At the height of their love, Zarika said she had been kidnapped by her family and was held at a family-owned apartment in Westlands.
His appeal for help saw professionals from Western Kenya get involved. Anthony Walela, a one-time official of AFC Leopards, was instrumental in sponsoring Khamala’s visit to the city to iron out their differences. Little did the poor man know some of those out to help him were making contacts with his lover for their own social exploits and escapades.