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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Only Uhuru portrait in our shops, traders tell Akaranga

Vihiga governor Moses Akaranga has told traders in the county that they will not be forced to put governor’s portrait in their business premises.
Akaranga said that the county flag and other Symbols Act passed by the county assembly is clear on the governor’s portrait issue.
“The Act states that only traders willing to put governor’s portrait in their business premises will be required to buy it and those who are not interested in the portrait will not be penalised,” said Akaranga.
“Traders should not be misled by malicious people that they will be punished if they don’t put the governor’s portrait in their shops. If you are not interested in the portrait, forget about it and go on with your business,” he said.
He noted that the law on the portrait was passed by the assembly as one way of helping the county raise revenue and it should not be used by his political detractors to incite traders against his administration.
The governor noted that he had received complaints from traders over the matter and assured them that nobody will be punished for not putting the governor’s portrait in his business premises.
Traders have reacted angrily to the establishment of the law that states that governor’s portraits will be sold to them at between Sh1,500 to Sh2,000.
They said that most of them will not manage to buy the portrait saying that their business was not generating enough money.
But Akaranga said the county will not set up laws that were punitive to traders. He said there was no cause of alarm and asked them to go on with their business without fear.
He added that the community empowerment fund that has been allocated Sh100 million for loans to traders will be rolled out soon.
He added that each of the 25 wards will receive Sh4 million for disbursement as loans to applicants. He called for transparency in the exercise to ensure that the funds help boost economic ventures of locals and alleviate poverty.