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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pokot leaders side with Kachapin in war with Lonyangapuo

Leaders from West Pokot county who include four  MPs Samuel Moroto, Kapenguria, David Pkosing, Pokot South, Mark Lemalekol, Kacheliba, Philip Rotino and women representative Regina Nyeris have come to the defence of area governor Simon Kachapin and told off Senator John Lonyangapou.
They accused Senator Lonyangapou of politising development meant for the Pokot community and reminded him that they will fully back Kachapin come 2017  general election.
The leaders said that they have total confidence with the leadership of Governor Kachapin and said he was the messiah of the Pokot community.
They went ahead and said that they wanted to compete with other counties and told Lonyangapuo to either join them in developing the area or he be isolated.
Senator Lonyanpuo has been quoted in the media attacking Kachapin over his leadership style.
But members of parliament through Moroto said that since independent, some of the areas in West Pokot county had no roads but thanks to Kachapin leadership, these areas have been able to get roads that have been constructed through his able leadership.
The local leaders said that it was unfortunate that Senator Lonyangapuo was trying to undermine Kachapin and told him that if he was interested with the seat of the governor he should declare his interests.
“Let senator Lonyangapuo come and vie for the governor’s seat for us to teach him a political  lesson instead of undermining  Kachapin who has brought the Pokots this far,” Moroto said adding that they will ensure that he gets his second term come 2017.
Since he took over office, Moroto said that Kachapin has been able to construct a Sh300 million medical training college in Kapenguria town complete with students, finished construction of a 400 teachers training college at  Chester in Sigor constituency, an administration block in West Pokot, about 270 new roads constructed.
He has also installed street lights in Makutano, Chepareria, Ortum, Kacheliba, Alale, Sigor and the entire Kapenguria area.
Moroto hailed Kachapin for his tireless efforts to improve the living standards of Pokots, despite the challenges they inherited for ages as a marginalised and forgotten community.
In another meeting, Pokot elders drawn from 21 locations in West Pokot also came up to the defence of Kachapin and told off Lonyangapuo over his persistent attacks on the office of the governor.
The elders from Kongelai, Kodich, Seker, Ortum, Karass, Alale, Chesogon, Mwino , Lomut and Turkwel  areas said that they had decided to convene the meeting in order to guide their Pokot kinsmen especially on matters pertaining  to development.
Led by Thomas Atudonyang, they  said that they had confidence with the  way  Kachapin was running affairs of West Pokot county saying that they will not allow some leaders  who had their own agenda and are out to disrupt the smooth running of the county government.
“It’s time we focus on development of our people but not issuing statements that is  bound to divide the community,” another elder Peter Lomonyang said adding that they will not allow people who are out to undermine development of their people.
The elders also said that they support the current move where Kachapin has been going round the county starting various developments saying that with time, the Pokot community is going to benefit from funds given by the government courtesy of devolution.
Kachapin, the elders said, has traversed the entire Pokot area in uncounted development projects that includes construction of bridges in the entire Pokot area.
Some of the bridges have helped members of the Pokot community who in the past have been attacked by crocodiles and snakes because of passing through dangerous rivers.
Elsewhere, residents of West Pokot county have a reason to smile following the transfer of land registry from Kitale to Kapenguria to improve services in the Lands ministry.
The registry that has been serving locals from Kitale since independence will now be situated in West Pokot county with a registrar to serve the entire county.
Speaking after receiving title deeds at the new land registry county executive committee   member for lands and planning Willy Lokadio said the move will improve services to residents who have been spending money to acquire title deeds.
He commended Lands minister Charity Ngilu for fast tracking decentralisation of services in the ministry that will now see locals get better services.
Lokadio who was accompanied by Kachapin decried that locals were forced to travel to Kitale to process title deeds spending a lot of money on brokers in the process.
“Our people have been conned for many years by brokers in Kitale but now they will now get their title deeds easily from here. We really thank devolution for this,” Lokadio said.
Kachapin on his part called on locals to utilise the office and streamline their land records since most of them have no title deeds.
He said the move will also help solve land disputes from within and fasttrack development in undeveloped lands that have been disputed for many years.
“This is historic to our people who will now enjoy services from their county. Some of our people have never seen a title deed and this is a clear indication that devolution is working,” Kachapin said.