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Thursday, 19 March 2015


Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba filed the motion, alleging the Speaker ridicules MPs while overseeing House proceedings. Though the move might not lead to a vote of no confidence, it might set in motion the process, depending on the issues to be canvassed on the floor of the House. Surprisingly, members from both sides of the political divide welcomed the move, insisting that the Speaker has not handled them in a dignified manner as representatives of the public. “Noting with concern that the Speaker of the National Assembly has and continues to degrade the character and ability of the Honourable members of this House through making of contemptuous, malicious and unfounded allegations against them,” reads part of the motion. Musimba is particularly irked with the allegations, noting they have eroded the collective dignity, esteem and honour of legislators in and out of the House. “Concerned that Muturi in so doing has failed in his constitutional duty to protect the dignity, honour and integrity of Parliament,” reads the motion. See also: Man petitions MPs to institute Matemu, Keino removal It continues: “This House expresses its displeasure and disappointment in the conduct of the Speaker and censures him. Muturi noted that Musimba, as directed on Wednesday, had complied with provisions of Standing Order 87. “I direct that in keeping with practise, this motion will be the only business in the House for a period of not less than three hours on Tuesday next week,” said Muturi. But Asman Kamama (Tiaty) prevailed upon him to allow the matter to be debated yesterday. “Considering that this matter is so weighty in the House, would I be in order to ask that it be debated now so that we finish with it once and for all,” urged Kamama. However, Muturi maintained: “We have considered this matter and demand that the mover be permitted a period of three days to prepare adequately.” Majority Leader Aden Duale concurred with Muturi, saying the Standing Orders are explicit. “This will give some of us time to find reasons for the motion and the people behind everything. We need to give time to everybody, according to the Standing Orders,” he said. Duale was in agreement with Musimba’s motion, saying he has not committed any crime but done exactly what the law stipulates.