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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Allegations reaching us from our anonymous source are alleging that KTN is planning a swoop on Churchill's comedians. The allegations seem to imply that Churchill underpays his staff ergo they are looking for greener pastures and KTN plans on offering just that to them!

Here is the unedited account as we received it from our source:

MORE INTRIGUES in the world of comedy
"Obinna Declines to Host Churchill Raw as Kenya Kona plans to Poach Underpaid Churchill Comedians Easy FM Comedian Obinna Ike Igwe has refused to succeed MC Jessy Jasper as a host of Churchill Raw when the second part of Churchill season 3 begins in August. MC Jessy, who has made Churchill Raw bigger than Churchill Show is expected to host the remaining part of Churchill Show as Churchill himself takes a back seat as a result of a huge outcry about his depreciating sense of humour. Laugh industry has been shopping for a host capable of filling Emcee Jessy’s big shoes. Obinna has refused to take a break from his Easy FM show on thursday to be the new host. Emerging details indicate that Eric Omondi’s brother, Fred Omondi could to take over as the host of Churchill Raw, given his hosting experience at KTN Crazy comedy show. Furthermore, KTN’s Kenya Kona is planning to strengthen itself by acquiring underpaid comedians from the Churchill Raw. Malboro has already crossed to Kenya Kona. A Kenya Kona artist earns almost 3 times better than a Churchill Raw artist. For every stage performance, a Churchill Raw artiste earns 1000 and a further 5000, if their act is aired on NTV. On the other hand, Kenya Kona artiste is paid 8,000 for every stage performance and 12,000 when their act is aired on KTN. All Kenya Kona artists perform twice a month and are assured of having their acts aired at least twice a month. Churchill is paid a total of 1.4 million weekly by NTV for both Churchill Raw and Churchill Show as opposed to the 500,000 that Kenya Kona gets from KTN weekly. Every weekly live recording of Churchill show brings in at least 500,000 in gate collections translating to 2 million a month with 125k going to the carnivore restaurant per week. When added to the 5.6 million that he receives from NTV monthly, the entire show makes nearly 8 million shillings a month. This leaves many wondering why Churchill pays his
comedians so dismally"
source : Ghafla Kenya