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Monday, 23 March 2015


 Romania: A broody brunette is offering men £350 to get her pregnant - because she's 'too independent' for a relationship. Adelina Albu, 25, from Timisoara, in western Romania, posted a Facebook advert seeking a potential biological father who will hand over all parental rights to her. She claims to not be interested in a boyfriend or husband, because 'men are so immature'. Adelina posted the advert which reads: "Meeting men is not a problem. Meeting one who wants a baby is. "So, rather than wasting my time on a pointless relationship I’m going to pay for it. "For €500 (£350) you have fun, I get a baby." She added that whoever agreed would have to get a fertility test done and hand over all parental rights to her. She said: "Men are so immature all they think about is themselves. See Also: 'Independent woman' posts Facebook advert offering men £350 to get her pregnant "I am a mature, independent woman and I want a baby - not a man who behaves like one, but a proper one." Facebook users praised Alina for being an independent woman and wanting to raise a child without its father. And not surprisingly, she was flooded with responses from men eager to cash in on the deal. Online commentator Alina Jalea posted: "Well done! I admire you. Don’t let yourself be affected by men who faint when they see a syringe.
Your are here » Home » Crazy World 'Independent woman' to reward Ksh48000 to man who gets her pregnant By Mirror Updated Monday, March 23rd 2015 at 08:07 GMT +3 Share this story: "They don’t know the sacrifices we women have to go through having a child." An one male internet user said Petru Manescu wrote: "I’m interested. Where and when?" While Ion Aldulescu posted: "I’ll do it without the money. You’re hot!" Adelina said: "So far I am not impressed with the responses as I get the impression they are not taking it seriously."