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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Wrestling for power in Homa Bay produces two ODMs

Leadership wrangles at the Homa Bay ODM branch permeated into the subbranches with former Karachuonyo constituency chairman  Jack Nduri bouncing back to the office with a stinging attack on the national chairman, John Mbadi a move that has generated heat in the county.
Nduri was crowned chairman for Karachuonyo in a brief ceremony attended by several location and subbranch delegates drawn from the constituency.
The delegates met at Alaw Rachuonyo Baraza Hall and made the changes following reports that chairman Tom Dola had teamed up with a faction of local ODM activists opposed to the leadership of branch secretary James Rege.
Dola has been included in two different lists drafted by splinter groups, one led by branch deputy organising secretary Okinyi Rao and the other one led by Homa Bay county woman rep Gladys Wanga.
Rao’s team met at Hippo Back Hotel in Homa Bay town with Dola replacing Rege as sevretary general. Wanga’s group met at Ken Gen Base Camp at Kolweny in Kisumu county and had Dola the deputy secretary, Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga (secretary), Wanga chairperson and Homa Bay deputy governor vice chairman among others.
Nduri’s  camp has him as chairman for Karachuonyo with Peter Awiti, youth leader, replacing George Maigo who has moved on with Dola to another camp, women leader Ruth Ojuka, organising secretary Okano Nyasanja, secretary John Ogero, vice chairman Dancan Migun and Treasurer Anne Choni have been retained.
Nduri vowed to fight the growing impunity and restore order in the party leadership in the constituency and to accord members an opportunity to participate in decision-making as enshrined in the party’s constitution and rights of members.
He said persistent wrangles created by national chairman John Mbadi was unhealthy for the party’s growth noting that suspension or expulsion of members was a dangerous path for the party.
He challenged Mbadi to stop causing tension in the party by chasing away existing and potential members adding that the 2017 presidential contest could not be won by chestthumping and scaring away party supporters as Mbadi was doing .
“Personally, I would like to advise Mbadi to tread carefully in his new appointment as ODM national chairman. He should adopt a persuasive and tolerant attitude that can attract more people into ODM. Threats and intimidation tactics of leadership are outdated models of ruling in the current society and may cost the party dearly,’’ said Nduri.
“Mbadi should focus his energies in soliciting support from communities outside Luo and build the party nationally not using his new office to terrorise his own brothers and sisters in Homa Bay. We need everyone, let us adopt a reconciliatory approach to solve our differences,’’ he said.
Nduri’s move is likely to change the political matrix in Karachuonyo with a possibility of able young politicians rallying behind him to re-arrange leadership of the area in the run- up to 2017 general elections.