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Sunday, 22 March 2015

You’ll pay for burning my Range Rover, Kizito warns

Former Shinyalu MP Justus Kizito is determined to unleash revenge on those who burned his vehicle during the 2013 general elections campaigns. “I will not rest until I see those who burned my Range Rover behind bars,’’ He asserted.
Kizito was speaking during the requiem mass for Loice Khakayi who was mother to his main political ally Wellington Muganda in Lugango village Shinyalu constituency.
The former legislator vowed to get hold of all the culprits regardless of who they are and what positions they currently hold.
He reiterated that he will not take a break until those who committed the crime are brought to book and punished for their offences. “Jambazi ni jambazi tu. Hata awe mbunge ni jambazi,’’ Kizito firmly held.
Kizito’s Range Rover was set ablaze in Lugango the same village where the funeral was being held and which is the hometurf of Shinyalu MP Silvers Anami.
The incident which happened on the eve of the elections day was taken to court and deliberated on for quite some time before it was determined in favour of Anami and his allies for lack of sufficient evidence. Kizito had implicated Anami and his supporters into the matter and he still feels the MP had a hand in the occurrence.
Kizito who is also the secretary general of United Democratic Front also took issue with the MP over nonperformance saying that were it not for the fact that Lisamula and his team spread rumours that he had died on the eve of the elections day he would be in power now.
He added that if he was in Lisamula’s position he would have brought health dispensaries in every village to help Shinyalu residents who are being infected by numerous diseases and many of whom succumb to the same.
However political pundits argue that Kizito is not any better in terms of development as he always elevate himself. They say he is an opportunist who took advantage following the death of former Shinyalu MP Charles Lugano in 2009.
When he took over through a by-election he only gave a little touch on the projects that he inherited from the former MP and never initiated his own projects.
They also allege that he even moved his residence from his own Shinyalu constituency and relocated to Kakamega town in Lurambi constituency. His lifestyle changed from a humble teacher to a high profile proud personality who could not be approached by the electorate. These among other reasons led to his downfall in the 2013 general elections.