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Sunday, 12 April 2015


Following the presidential directive that led to suspension of five cabinet ministers suspected to be involved in corrupt deals, pressures now mounting on the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission to trace and attach assets and properties of the persons under investigations. President Uhuru Kenyatta is now said to be under pressure to dismiss the corrupt officials.
It is now said that majority of those suspected to have looted public money prefer investing in luxurious apartments, hotels, tea factories, hospitals and do their banking in offshore banks while they enjoy their holidays in Dubai.

It is said some of the CSs have become overnight billionaires with the source of their wealth remaining a mystery. The Energy CS Davis Chirchir has for instance been accused of trying to influence a KPC tender to Sinopec. He was to make Sh1.2b in kickbacks.
He is also accused of working to ensure that corrupt deals in the energy sector are executed. A case in point was where there was an attempt to influence award of Kenya Pipeline Company tender of Sh4.5billion to Sinopec instead of Zakhem. The tender was supposed to corruptly yield Sh138million.
It is suspected that Chirchir owns multi-billion tea factories in Rift Valley. He is also known to have intimidated pararastatal bosses under his docket. One parastatal boss had at one time complained that Chirchir made them spend more time in his office than they spend in their parastatal offices yet he allegedly cheated the EACC detectives that the parastatals are independent.
This comes after he was named in the chicken scandal as the one who mooted the “chickengate”.

Lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu was last week grilled by the EACC detectives and sensationally tried to drag in Uhuru’s name rather than clearing her name.
According to EACC, Ngilu colluded with Evason Waitiki who is owner of a disputed 930-acre piece of land in Likoni to inflate the actual price of the land by Sh110m. It was to be purchased by government for settlement of over 10,000 squatters. Ngilu allegedly targeted to get a kickback of Sh65m from the sale of the land while a remaining Sh45m was to be shared among other interested parties in the transaction. She is also linked to allegations of fraudulent land ownership along State House Road.
It is alleged that Ngilu who has become fabulously rich owns a number of properties including an apartment in Lavington are valued at Sh2b.
Transport cabinet secretary Michael Kamau is allegedly involved in various roads tender award manipulation cases. He is alleged to have inflated the Standard Gauge Railway consultancy fees involving billions of shillings. The consultancy firm Apec Consulting is said to be associated with him and is operated by his daughter and wife.
He is also accused of interfering with the consultant’s design in the construction of the Kamukunywa-Kaptama-Kapsokwony-Kimilili Roads without following proper procedures leading to massive embezzlement.
Kamau is also said to be nowadays stinking rich and is said to own one of the biggest luxury hotels in Nairobi’s Upper Hill are that is valued at Sh2.2b. Sources say the company that owns the Red Hill Hotel is Elgon Road Development Company where he is alleged to be the leading shareholder and the chairman.

Transport principal secretary Nduva Muli is allegedly linked to irregular disposal of Kenya Railways properties in Nairobi and other towns in the country in addition to influencing procurement process. He is also allegedly involved in irregular awards of SGR tender to a Chinese company.
It is alleged he owns a high-end apartment in Mombasa valued at Sh1.2b. Son of former Attorney General Mathew Guy Muli, Nduva is alleged by the EACC that he is a business partner owning 40pc shares in a container freight station that was allocated a huge Kenya Railways land to set up a yard for 50 years.
Geothermal Development Company MD Silas Simiyu is accused of influencing multi-billion tender awards to companies he is suspected to have interests in. He is also accused of un procedurally creating positions and appointing managers as well as doubling the number of GDC staff irregularly. Some of the staff are said to belong to members of parliament.
It is claimed that he owns residential apartments in Dubai, a high class hospital in Bungoma and a multi-million house in Karen valued at Sh180m owned by his 24-year-old son. He permanently lives in a luxurious hotel in Nairobi where he has lived in the last 10 years. Simiyu is also accused of buying the parliamentary committee on energy using Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka whose Tekno International Limited he has awarded a tender worth Sh344million. A committee member expressed surprise such big money was exchanging hands yet he got less than a million to look the other way.
Deputy President William Ruto’s chief of staff, Maryanne Keitany allegedly misappropriated Sh200m from the Legislative and Inter-Governmental Relations Office. She is also accused of abuse of office and allegedly pocketing half of the money as well as diverting Sh100m to marshal MPs in support of an aborted attempt to impeach Devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru through a motion tabled by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi in July 2014.
Unlike others who have invested in multi-million properties, she is alleged to be having close to Sh400m in cash which she allegedly does not keep in the bank but at home. She sent her sister away when she discovered the stashed cash.

NSSF managing trustee Richard Langat is accused of irregularly approving a budget of Sh5 billion for regularisation and infrastructure development. He has also bought properties including a Sh1.2b apartment in Langata.

Kenya Pipeline Corporation MD Charles Tonui is being investigated over various tenders awarded to Petro City, Redline Company and Lelan Koech and Company Advocates. A land acquisition he commissioned and which is said to have been bought at an inflated Sh545m is also under inquiry. He is said to own a palatial residential home in Elgon View Estate in Eldoret town and has allegedly constructed hostels in Moi University in Eldoret.