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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Kisumu church leaders go physical

Drama was recently witnessed at Christ Church of Africa Church in Kisumu when the leading county’s clergy who are members of the area’s umbrella body called Kisumu Clergy Fellowship   exchanged blows at a meeting called to castigate those offering prayers for cash at Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma’s office.
The meeting which was chaired by Archbishop Maurice Arao and comprised of Bishop John Ober, Bishop Vincent Ongoje, Bishop Evans Ooko and Archbishop Julius Otieno saw Bishop Joshua Koyo and Apostle Patrick Owuor who is the secretary general of Kisumu Clergy Fellowship exchanging blows and tearing each other’s frock and ordination collar before being separated  by Kisumu City Fathers.
An eyewitness who is a member of the clergy who spoke on condition he is not named said trouble began when Bishop Koyo was taken to task to explain why he spends 24 hours seven days at Kisumu governor’s office praying for people whom he knows.
Koyo started threatening and bragged how no one in the room could beat him as he said that before being saved he used to be a village bull and a wrestler.
“Seems the meeting was called to protect those who after prayers are usually paid at the governor’s office and that is what we are against and that is why we wanted the Fellowship Chairman Winnie Owiti to come clear on the issues but instead they started discussing modalities of suspending both the organising secretary Tom Otieno and secretary general Patrick Owuor something which caught us by surprise,” lamented a senior bishop who never wanted his identity revealed.
Divisions are also evident in the Fellowship with one of the patrons Arch-Bishop Washington Ngede saying the secretary general and the organising secretary can not be suspended unless some pertinent issues are addressed.
“I am made to understand that some disciplinary measures should be meted on some officials but I also have grievances against the fellowship which should be addressed before such action is taken,” Ogonyo added.
“When my wife Bishop Phoebe Ogonyo was to be ordained I took my time to go to Archbishop Silas Owiti and asked him to come and preside over her ordination but they declined never even sendtany present, gift or money yet I even made it officially to the fellowship,” Ogonyo added.
He further said when his son was wedding, the fellowship never bothered to send for his son gifts nor money and at one point his name was written with errors during an international conference.
“Based on this and some bad things the said chairperson and her husband has done to me I am not in a position as a patron to endorse the suspension of the two officials,” Ogonyo added.
The fellowship secretary Patrick Owuor has said he will not step aside as he believes he has not done any wrong.
“If questioning order, transparency and sincerity within the fellowship is a sin so let it be,” he added.