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Thursday, 2 April 2015


The man at the centre of a property row with his wife believes a Congolese man is the cause of his marriage woes. George Oballa was kicked out of their multi-million shilling, eight-bedroom Karen home in February by Joan Abilla-Oballa, his wife of 20 years, whom he suspects of having an affair with a Congolese man. His suspicions were aroused when he allegedly stumbled upon two suitcases in the house stuffed with men’s clothes and an assortment of paraphernalia in May 2014. He says he did not react immediately. Reportedly, an opportune time presented itself two months later when Joan, a mother of their three children, explained that the luggage belonged to expatriate colleagues at an NGO where she worked as the executive officer. When Oballa finally confronted her about the Congolese man, Joan reportedly offered no explanation. Instead, she packed and left in a huff to her parent’s home in Gigiri, Nairobi in July 2014, claims Oballa. Oballa also blames the in-laws for their overbearing influence on their ‘ever nagging’ daughter who returned after her blood relations requested for reconciliation. He says that he obliged, only for Joan to pack as he engaged the in-laws and “from that day, she went to court and the children’s court drama started. Oballa claims his wife ‘consulted’ the Congolese man to ensure he was dealt with. The wife temporarily succeeded in locking him out of their matrimonial home in February before High Court judge Weldon Korir reversed an earlier court decision by Senior Resident Magistrate Anne Nyoike to evict him. See also: Magistrate overules High Court on man thrown out of Karen home Oballa, who claims he is being disinherited in a conspiracy involving Joan’s family and her Congolese man, now lives with their children aged nine, 11 and 14 in their Karen home, for which he says he contributed 75 per cent to develop, when he was working for a petroleum firm in Tanzania, between 2004 and 2006. The 45-year-old says it is not the first time he has been thrown out in the cold. He alleges that a similar incident happened in 2001 while they were still living in South B. He had apparently left for his rural home in Uyoma over Easter to check on the construction of his house in the vaillage, only to find that his wife had swept the house clean and left to Gigiri. “I was forced to start from scratch, I refurbished the house ensuring that I bought items of higher quality,” says Oballa, a former Sonu leader. The couple reportedly remained separated for more than a year when Joan’s father, a renowned neurosurgeon, who died in April 2002, persuaded Oballa to take back his wife. “When the father was totally ill, he requested me to take back his daughter because he did not want the shame of a failed marriage on the daughter he loved so much. I kept the promise, took back Joan and our son immediately the father died,” says Oballa, lamenting that the marriage never stabilised.
Joan took Oballa to the Children’s Court where he was accused of being violent and neglecting the family, charges Oballa denies. He says that it is the wife who does not care about the family. “She claims that I have neglected the children, but she has never visited them in school ,yet they have been there for the last eight years,” he claims adding that despite the court barring Joan’s kin from their Karen home, they keep dropping by unannounced in the company of women he does not know, and proceed to cause drama. Contacted by The Nairobian, Joan Abila-Oballa said she knew George Oballa but was not married to him.