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Sunday, 22 March 2015


The  social behaviour of  Speaker Justin Muturi will feature prominently during the censure motion to be discussed by MPs.
The motion has been brought by Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba who wants Muturi’s conduct discussed. MPs claim Muturi has and continues to degrade the character and the ability of the MPs through making of contemptuous, malicious and unfounded allegations against them.
The position of Speaker is important in any political set-up as he is considered number three after the president and deputy.
Those pushing for Muturi’s removal claim he has performed dismally and has failed to fit into the shoes of his predecessor Kenneth Marende. Observers say he is the most arrogant and ineffective performer of the docket since the office of speaker of the national assembly was created in 1964. MPs on both sides of the divide want to censure Muturi who on many occasions has come under criticism in the way he controls house business. Those baying for his blood happen to be first-time MPs who support the Musimba motion. Once the censure motion is discussed, with the blessings of forces inside and outside parliament, a vote of no confidence in the speaker will be filed in May after the Easter recess.  
Sources now say that Muturi is likely to be a one-term speaker if he survives the current plot to remove him.
Muturi has according to some Kenyans been a disaster as speaker and merits no comparison whatsoever to his immediate two predecessors, Francis ole Kaparo, 1998-2008 and Marende, 2008-2013, let alone the late Sir Humphrey Slade, 1967-1970.
How Muturi beat Marende 219-129 in the second round of balloting for the speaker’s position on March 28 2013, is one of the great tragedies of the tyranny of numbers, a factor of the 11th parliament. Kenyans have lived to rue the day Marende exited the scene.
MPs from across the political divide have been bitterly complaining about the Speaker’s alleged rampant alcoholism. “Mr Speaker drinks deep into the night and often until pre-breakfast. He nurses his massive hangovers at the Norfolk Hotel. He is reconstructed most mornings by selected members of the Norfolk’s health club, including a paramedic. His clothes are laundered in the hotel and his shoes shone by them,” one claimed.
However, not even the Norfolk’s experienced staff can completely remove a heavy drinker’s hangover and Muturi is often in a daze in the chair, which explains his rudeness and bad jokes when he intervenes or interjects in debates. While leaving the hotel, Muturi’s entourage causes heavy traffic jam in the city centre as he heads to his office.
At the Norfolk, another one of our moles talked of the speaker’s bills that leave one open-mouthed in shock. Kenyans would be traumatised by the kind of expenditure the third highest ranking member of the public service hierarchy indulges in at one of the world’s most famous hotels.
But Muturi has made so many enemies right here in Kenya that it will not take a foreign secret agent to bring about his downfall. He has enough foes among parastatal CEOs to last him a lifetime, some of whom are complaining of allegedly giving out money to a cartel of parliamentary committee members to have the speaker make decisions in their favour.
Cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries have not been spared either. It is claimed that working slyly and silently through parliamentary committees, Muturi has helped to crucify a number of top parastatal bosses.
Wikipedia defines alcoholism as “alcohol addiction, which is the compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, usually to the detriment of the drinker’s health, personal relationships, and social standing. It is medically considered a disease, specifically an addictive illness. In psychiatry, several other terms have been used, specifically ‘alcohol abuse,’ ‘alcohol dependence,’ and ‘alcohol use disorder.’’
Talk is rife among MPs about the Muturi’s replacement. They argue it has to be from outside Mount Kenya region since the area is known to produce partisan people.
Muturi is also accused of favouring Public Investment Commiitte which he allegedly uses for his personal goals. How he allowed PIC to investigate matters relating to transport committee during the controversial Standard Gauge Railway Line is the talk. The matter was to be investigated by Maina Kamanda-chaired transport committee. Others claim after failing to get a kickback among sugar barons, Muturi ordered the agriculture committee to table the report in parliament concerning the state of sugar industry in the country.
Together with the leader of majority in parliament Adan Duale, Muturi is said to protect a cartel of committees that allegedly shares proceeds from targeted groups of investors and parastatal bosses. One committee chairman was bought a Lexus car to muzzle a report with the blessings of Muturi and Duale, it is claimed. The two control the order of the day proceedings in parliament.