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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mung’aro sees Italian mafia’s hand in land battle

Malindi Italians who are accused of grabbing beach plots have reportedly schemed the downfall of Kilifi North MP Gedion Mung’aro whom the director of public prosecution now wants investigated over a land case in his constituency in which he had earlier been listed as a prosecution witness. 
Last week, a Malindi court terminated a trial that has been in court since 2010 and the DPP ordered a new investigations into the fraud which he said should include Mung’aro and former lands commissioner Zablon Mabeya.
Mung’aro has been quoted saying his only role in the matter was to write a letter to the commissioner of lands endorsing a list of genuine squatters in need of land at Chembe Kibabamuche settlent scheme which is within his Kilifi North constituency.
It is claimed, Italian tycoons who view Mung’aro as a stumbling block in their lucrative land deals in the area have reportedly set aside millions of shillings to teach him a political lesson.
The fear among Italian mafia in Malindi is that if Mung’aro is not stopped early, he may be elected county governor and deal them a serious blow as he would revoke all illegally acquired land in the county. Mung’aro has always pushed for locals to be allocated land instead of it going to Italians most of whom grab land for speculative purposes as opposed to investing in it.
Some of the Italians are known conmen with criminal records back in Italy and have sought refuge in Malindi. Some have conned fellow Italians in land deals. They sell land and use the proceeds to bribe police, judicial officers and local leaders for protection, it is pointed out.
The recommendation by the DPP for Mung’aro to be investigated has therefore generated a lot of sympathy and if arrested, could turn him into an instant hero.
Anger and frustration rocked the county after a local daily published the story that Mung’aro would be investigated. His supporters led by Nyonga Makemba have since denounced the DPP directive as unacceptable, saying Mung’aro has been at the forefront in fighting land grabbing in the county. 
Fingers are also pointing at Governor Amason Kingi whom it is claimed is the hidden face in the land saga. The governor has reportedly embraced the anti- Mung’aro Italians. He is being accused of undermining the Kilifi North MP after the latter declared he would oppose him in the next general elections.
A lobby group has said the move is meant to fix the MP and intimidate Coast leaders. Pwani ni Kenya lobby chairman Alex Kasuku wondered why the DPP was issuing orders to have Mung’aro investigated and leaving out the real culprits who also include Mombasa tycoons who have allegedly stolen land at Takaungu.