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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Kisii county politics is quickly shaping up with new political realignments ahead of the 2017 elections. Politicians eyeing various positions are already holding consultative meetings and building campaign teams.
However, the centre of attraction is the Kisii gubernatorial seat currently held by James Ongwae. What started as mere rumours that Ongwae’s deputy Joash Maangi could face his boss in the ballot in 2017 is slowly becoming a reality.
If the events of last week in Kisii politics are anything to go by, it may have marked the beginning of a new phase in the region politics.
The realignments started last month when it became evidently clear that Ongwae had ditched Maangi, Kisii senator Chris Obure and Kisii women rep Mary Otara.
In Ongwae’s new line-up is former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara for senate, Bomachoge Chache MP Simon Ogari for deputy governor and nominated senator Janet Ongera for women rep. 
When the new line-up leaked, Obure, Maangi and Otara swang into action. It started with the three attending three meetings  together clearly showing that they had isolated Ongwae.
The climax came on Saturday March 14 2015 when two big functions were arranged by the two teams in Bomachoge Chache where Ogari is the MP. Maangi and his team planned for a function at Ria Gongera Primary School and invited Ongwae as chief guest while the other team had Ogari arrange for their function at Isanta church in the Same constituency.
The Ogari-Ongwae team to outsmart opponents called people at night telling them that Ongwae would go to their function and therefore Maangi’s function will fail. The biggest mistake they made was to call Obure’s supporters and tell them to dissuade Obure from attending.
When D-Day came, Obure attended Maangi’s function. MPs Stephen Manoti of Bobasi, Manson Nyamweya of South Mugirango, Joel Onyancha of Bomachoge Borabu, James Gesomi of West Mugirango and Elijah Moindi of Nyaribari Masaba sent their apologies.
The climax of the function was when Maangi threatened to declare the seat he is going for in the next general election. As everybody waited holding their breath to hear the big announcement, he in his characteristic joking manner said that he is first seeking the kingdom of God before the rest to which the crowd which was a church congregation led by East African SDA Union President,  roared with jubilation.
All this time Ongwae sat pensively while Obure and Otara were enjoying themselves with the MCAs present. At the end of it all it was Obure’s turn to humiliate Ongwae when he refused to share the high table with Ongwae when they went for lunch at Maangi’s home.
Everybody was shocked to see Obure move away from the empty chair reserved for him next to Ongwae and sat in the next table occupied by the county officials. Ongwae feeling isolated left in a huff leaving Obure and Otara behind enjoying the evening together.