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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bodas want millions from Guv Ruto for destruction

Boda boda operators from Siongoroi  village in Bomet court have moved to court demanding Sh10million reimbursement from Governor Isaac Ruto who allegedly smashed their tents and seats using goons when he clashed with the deputy speaker of the national assembly  Joyce Laboso during a funds drive to assist the group.
The hired youth who are allegedly supporters of Ruto were led by the governor to disrupt a function where the guest was Laboso.
 The youth ate all food meant for guests and destroyed chairs and other property before scaring off guests who fled in different directions  for  fear of  their lives before contributing.
Laboso has condemned the action and  blamed  it on the governor whom she said was the financier. She claims that Ruto was using public funds to further his personal goals.
The deputy speaker wondered why the governor was disrupting a function organised by other leaders  to develop Bomet saying that he was insecure and believes that other leaders are only out to poison the populace against him.
She said that people in the county were disillusioned by his leadership which was quickly turning dictatorial and they were resisting.
“He is using divide and rule principles which people are resisting any time he makes a move to fight leaders,” she said.
Initially, the fundsdrive was to be officiated by William Ruto who sent the deputy speaker who is MP for  Sotik with his contribution .
According to David Bett who is the chairman of the Chepalungu boda boda cooperative society, they started sensing danger when county government vehicles ferried youth to the function in the morning  raising fears that they had bad intentions.
 About midday,  guests started arriving  and the function started at 2pm  where the Chepalungu MP  Paul Bii was the master of ceremony.
The function went on well according to the chairman of the group  but hell broke loose when supporters of the governor started speaking and  revisiting the  proposed Bomet University cite issue.
The governor who arrived later in the function worsened matters when he demanded to be informed why the function was organised behind his back. He ordered the function ended after snatching the microphone from Laboso who represented the DP. It was then that everything became disorderly causing visitors to flee in different directions.
Bett who was flanked by  his secretary Wesley Langat said that they lost property worth Sh10million which they had hired and bought for the function including plastic chairs and the public address system which was completely destroyed by the youth supporting the governor.
“We had also used a lot of money and time to organise the drive looking  for guests who came and  left without contributing. Ruto came and  destroyed our property  as his goons took our food before breaking chairs,” he lamented.