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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fate of Busia county employees hangs in balance

The fate of some employees who were discovered to be have been drawing double salaries during the biometric headcount exercise has not been known so far.
Investigations done by Weekly Citizen revealed that some employees at Busia county government including a chief officer were detected to have been drawing double salaries illegally when the exercise was conducted.
It was established that the affected employees were interrogated for three days over the issue by biometric officials from Nairobi head office but their fate has not been revealed to the public so far.
Weekly Citizen has established that among those drawing double salaries are two chief communication officers who did not resign from their previous working stations to date.
“It is true that the director of communication operates from Nairobi instead of being stationed here  in Busia the way other colleagues in different counties like Bungoma, Kakamega and even Siaya,” a Busia resident told this newspaper on phone.
The source revealed that even the principal communication officer is still corresponding for a daily newspaper instead of having resigned so as to concentrate on doing the governor’s assignments.
“How can a whole principal communication officer be running up and down with other correspondents in functions taking notes for the daily newspaper instead of concentrating on the governor’s docket,” said the source.
The source added that some of former journalists who were employed with county government had forgotten their roles and were only writing stories to please their bosses rather than saying the truth about what is happening.
Other journalists who write the truth about the county government are intimidated and even threatened.
“We want the Media Council to come out clean over the issue of journalists employed by county governments,” said the source.